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Sara Logan Photography

Sara Logan Photography

Raleigh-Durham - north-carolina

When I was little I dreamed of love and light. From the back of my horse I saw the sun rise and set, watched it fall across the day in a million ways. I dreamed of a great love, the person that was made for me and all the ways we would walk this world to find each other. As an adult my dreams are still made of these: I watch the morning light lay hands on my life the same way I watch it fall around you and yours on your wedding day. I love well those around me and look for all the ways you choose to love yours. I search all day, always for this. I’m Sara, a photographer, a writer, a lover. I’m inspired by your love, how it brings light to the world, how the world brings light to it. I believe in the practice of speaking sweet nothings and the existence of soul mates. While small gatherings and intimate moments are what fuel my fire, any love lived and professed in simple, honest measure brings me joy beyond belief.


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