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Alicia Swedenborg Photography

Alicia Swedenborg Photography

fine art film wedding photographer based in new york and europe
Manhattan - new-york

i’m a country girl at heart but home is two (of the best) cities in the world – new york city and stockholm (sweden). broadway shows and swedish meatballs, the best of both worlds! i’m a sucker for film photography – the colors, the grain, the softness… it’s art. it’s beauty.

i’ve always wanted to be a tall dark bombshell, but i’m short and pale with a big sweet tooth. i have the worst luck, i’ll finish a good book in a day or two no matter how thick it is, my hair curls when i want it straight and it’s straight when i want curls. my voice is high pitched, i sound like a frog when i get the hiccups, cake makes me drool but i am a celiac so i can’t taste a crumb. nothing keeps me more grounded than the summers at the wifi-free finnish archipelago cottage – outhouse, wood-fired sauna and blueberry pickning for hours… i love traveling, dogs, strawberries, horse back riding, the sun and a cold glas of pol roger. i luuuuv hugs. to hug, to be hugged. i’ll hug just about anyone, so watch out. ;)

xoxo, alicia





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