Once Wed offers a listing service to make it easy for Sellers and Buyers to connect.  Other than providing the listing service, we do not get involved in the sale in any way.  You will receive emails directly from an interested buyer, and will respond directly back to them.  The two of you will negotiate terms and complete the sale without any involvement on our part.

  • Read our How to Avoid Online Scams Guide
  • Use Social Media Share your dress listing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram to increase visibility and exposure. Add hashtags to your posts, such as #weddingdress, #wedding2016, #verawang, to help brides find your dress.
  • Images Are Everything Increase your chances of selling your dress by including great photos. Get the most interest from buyers by taking photos of your dress in natural light and on a model (rather than on a hanger). Want more help with your photos? Check out our free photo guide for more ideas + suggestions.
  • Be Responsive If you get an inquiry about your dress, make it a point to respond within 24 hours. Being responsive will go a long ways towards inspiring confidence in your buyer. Remember, this is a big investment for some brides, so taking time to answer their questions will pay off in the end.
  • Brides Trust Us Over the last 10+ years, Once Wed has built a reputation for providing couples with incredible inspiration and resources for planning their wedding. We have the same commitment for our dress listing platform.
  • Seller Privacy & Protection We work to continuously improve the experience buyers and sellers have on our site through advanced scam and spam protection features.
  • Customer Service We understand that selling online can be a potentially stressful situation, especially with high-value items. Our customer service is available through email during the entire listing and selling process.


How involved does Once Wed get in my sale?

We do not get involved in any way in your sale.  We offer a listing service (which we advertise on our site and on Facebook) and the rest is up to you.  It is your sale, so you set the terms and decide what you will and won’t do.  We offer plenty of guidance on this page and our other dress listing pages to help you understand the process – so please be sure to check out all on the links provided.

How much does it cost to list a dress on Once Wed? 

It is only $19.95 per listing for a one year listing.  We don’t take a commission on the sale.

If you wish to create more than 10 listings feel free to contact us at info@oncewed.com to discuss multiple listing discounts.

How can I get exposure on Once Wed’s Facebook and Twitter pages for my dress listing?

-Listing a dress with a price of $1500 or more?
– Have high quality images of you in your dress from your wedding day?
– Have images with only you (or you and your spouse) with a good view of the dress?
– Are the images the same aesthetic as Once Wed’s Facebook page (we will make the final determination if they are a good fit)?
– Then submit 4-5 images to info@oncewed.com saying that you would like to be considered for Facebook advertising.
– If we agree you are a good fit, we will invoice you for $100 and once the invoice is paid we will post about your listing on our Facebook and Twitter pages, with a direct link to your listing page.
– PLEASE NOTE – there is no guarantee of a sale from this advertising – just the opportunity for greater exposure.

How should I price my dress?

Deciding on a price depends on you and your dress. Widely known designer gowns will usually fetch more than lesser known gowns due to retail price and popularity in the press. Most brides price their used wedding dress 25 to 50 percent below the retail price. If you are not receiving many inquiries for your gown, try lowering the price or offering a best offer option.

What payment services do you recommend?

We only recommend escrow.com to buyers and sellers, since we feel it is the only service on the internet which protects both the buyer and the seller (no we aren’t being paid to say that). A check, money order, or cashier’s check are NEVER safe payment methods to accept. PayPal does offer a process for filing a claim, but we do not feel it offers the level of  protection that escrow.com does.

Should I offer a return policy?

While some sellers offer a return policy to potential buyers with a 5% restocking fee, most have an “all sales are final” policy. There are pros and cons associated with both options, but it ultimately depends on your comfort level and preference as the seller.

How will buyers contact me about purchasing my dress?

Once Wed uses an email system that is very similar to craigslist. Each seller has a unique email address attached to their listing. This allows us to protect you by determining who can and cannot contact you. We set everything up. Just be sure to include your email address in the appropriate box on the listing form and we’ll take care of the rest.

When you receive an inquiry you will see the address of the person sending the inquiry and you will respond directly back to them (and not back through Once Wed).

How do I list my dress or accessory on Once Wed?

We’ve set up our listing form to take only 5 – 10 minutes to fill out. It’s quick, easy, and free. To list a dress or an accessory, click here.

Can I list things other than dresses?

Our listing service is only for items that can be worn, such as dresses, veils, belts, sashes and shoes.  Decor items such charger plates are are not allowed and will be removed.

I submitted a dress – why isn’t it live on the site?

Dress listings can take up to 24 hours to become live on the site. Also, Once Wed requires at least one image with every listing, so if you submitted a listing without any images we won’t make it live until an image is uploaded.  If you listed a dress and it isn’t live within 24 hours, please send an email to info@oncewed.com, and we will check on it for you.

I received a suspicious email about my listing. What should I do?

First off, always trust your instincts!  If you receive a suspicious or awkwardly worded email, the person behind might not be a legitimate buyer. We do our best to protect both buyers and sellers on Once Wed, so please feel free to forward the email to info@oncewed.com and we will look into it and block this person from contacting other sellers if we agree it is suspicious.

Some of my images have disappeared – what happened?

This is usually because we have received a complaint about your images.  Please do not use images that are not yours. We are often contacted by dress designers notifying us of copyright violations by people who are using the designer’s images without permission – in which case we will delete those images and notify you that we have done so. If they were your images, please contact us and we will get them back on the site.

How can I edit my listing or mark my dress as sold?

Go to the Sign In area on the upper right corner of the front page of the blog.  Click on that and enter your email and the password you created when you created your listing.  The Sign In area will change to Dashboard/Sign Out.  Click on Dashboard.  On the left side of the new page you will see your Dashboard show up.  You will go to Your Listings. From there you will be able to modify your listing or mark your dress sold.

Can I get a refund of the listing fee?

The nominal fee we charge for our listing service provides you with a widely viewed platform to offer your dress for sale. This listing fee is not refundable.

Disclaimer: Once Wed is NOT responsible for any transaction between a buyer and seller. It is up to the seller to practice due diligence before selling a dress to verify that the buyer is reputable and honest.

You must protect yourself when selling a dress online. Always use a secure payment service like escrow.com to sell your wedding dress online. NEVER ACCEPT CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, OR CASHIER’S CHECKS AS A FORM OF PAYMENT FOR YOUR DRESS. BEWARE OF ANY AWKWARDLY WRITTEN OR GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT  EMAILS,

We reserve the right to remove any listing that we feel is fraudulent. 

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