Once Wed offers a listing service to make it easy for Sellers and Buyers to connect.  Other than providing the listing service, we do not get involved in the sale in any way.  If you see a dress you wish to buy, just click on the “Email This Seller “box and send an email to the seller. You will get a pop up telling you that your email has been sent.  The seller will respond directly back to you, and the two of you will negotiate terms and close the sale without involvement on our part.


  • Read our How To Avoid Online Scams Guide
  • Ask Questions Before you make a purchase, make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Ask questions about stains, discolorations, tears, or defects that the dress may have, and whether or not they have the original receipt. You should also ask about their return policy and whether or not the seller is willing to use escrow.com.
  • Pay it Safe When you use escrow.com, your dress funds will not be released to the seller until you have received the dress and are satisfied with your purchase. No other online payment service gives you this option, which is why escrow.com is Once Wed’s only recommended method of payment (and no we don’t get paid by them).
  • Reduce Size Anxiety If you have taken your measurements but are still anxious about how a particular designer’s dress will fit your body, go to a dress store and try some samples by that designer to get a better idea of fit and feel.



What questions should I ask of a used wedding dress seller?

You should carefully review the information provided by the seller in their listing. The most critical considerations are condition, size, measurements, cleaning method and location. If any of this information is not in the listing, feel free to ask the Seller for that information. This allows you as a buyer to make sound decision. We strongly suggest that you ask for pictures of the actual dress if none are shown in the listing.

Do you do screen sellers?

Although we have the sellers create an account with contact information,  there is no way to 100% verify that a seller is actually selling the wedding dress they listed.  It is always VERY important as a buyer to ask the right questions. Make sure to only use secure payment options like escrow.com.  If a seller will only accept a check, wired money, money order or cashier’s check then walk away from the sale.  If you don’t it is highly likely you will lose your money and never receive a dress.

Most importantly, always trust yourself – if it seems to good to be true it probably is.  If something is making you feel nervous there is probably a good reason to think twice, and move on to a purchase that doesn’t make you nervous – there are lots of dresses out there!

What form of payment do you suggest buyers use?

Escrow.com is the only payment service Once Wed recommends to buyers. Paypal, money orders, cashier’s check, and personal checks are not reliable forms of payment when buying a wedding dress online. For common scams to look out for and tips for avoiding online scams, CLICK HERE

I have emailed a seller and they have not responded – can Once Wed contact them for me?

We are only a listing service for sellers and do not get involved in the transactions that take place between sellers and buyers.  When you send an email to a seller you should receive a pop up immediately that your email was sent.  Please do not be hesitant to keep emailing the seller.  We are unable to contact them for you.

I have found a dress listing that is showing as expired – can Once Wed contact the seller  for me?

We offer this listing service for sellers and they control how long their listing is live.  Once a listing is shown as expired the dress is considered no longer available and the seller can not be contacted.

I am looking for a dress designed by Vera Wang, Claire Pettibone, Jenny Packham, etc. Do you have it in stock?

All of the dresses in our database are uploaded by individuals. Once Wed only provides the listing service – we don’t own or warehouse any of the gowns. Because of this, we don’t have control over which gowns we do or don’t have in our listing service at any give time. We receive new listings daily, so we suggest that you continue to check back every day. Our search functions will allow you to search by designer, size, etc. Chances are your dream dress will be listed.

What if I find a used wedding dress that is too big for me? Can I alter it?

It all depends on the dress. Take a picture of the dress to a seamstress you trust and ask her opinion. In many cases, it is completely possible.

What is the difference between street size and dress size?

Wedding dress designers typically use different measurement systems than street clothes designers like J Crew or Banana Republic. Unless you specifically know what size you wear according to the measurement system used by the designer of the dress you want to purchase, it is probably best to go by bust, waist, and hip measurements.

What is the difference between dry cleaning and preservation?

Dry cleaning provides a basic cleaning of obvious dirt and stains. However, it does not protect against the long term yellowing, fabric deterioration, or invisible stains that can surface over time and ruin your precious gown. Double check to make sure your seller is using the right terminology.

Disclaimer: Once Wed is NOT responsible for any transaction between a buyer and seller gone wrong. It is up to the buyer to practice due diligence before purchasing a dress to verify that the seller is reputable and honest. NEVER PAY FOR A DRESS ONLINE WITH A CHECK, WIRED MONEY, MONEY ORDER, OR CASHIER’S CHECK. Always protect yourself by using escrow.com!

For any concerns or questions, please reach out to info@oncewed.com

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