Milk + Honey Table III

milk and honey
Different hues of gold painted wine and water bottles mixed in with the transparency of the clear are the perfect shaped candle holders.   White milk glass containers house perfectly happy florals of queen anne’s lace, paperwhites, tulips, daisies, monte casino, ornithogalum arabicum, and jade green trachyllium from succulentLove.
DIY elements include paint your own wine bottles + hammer + nails, create mix CDs of your favorite love songs with gocco’d covers, hammer & nail place cards (spray paint blocks of wood, stamp your guests’ names on a piece of kraft paper and attach with a gold spray painted nail.  Dress it up with a bit of ribbon or tulle)

gold wedding vases

Concept & Styling:  yes, please design & bash eco events
Photography: Bonnie Tsang Photography
Florals: succulentLOVE
Cookies: Danielle Keene from Bittersweet Treats
Rentals: Fete Accompli Events

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9 Responses to “Milk + Honey Table III”

  1. April

    I love the gold color concept matched with white. Very elegant and sophisticated. Love the stylish decor and designs. Very well done!!!

  2. Ashley

    oooolala!!! This is so lovely! Of course I’m partial to the mix cd part :)

    Hope it’s ok I re-posted (with credit to all of you fine folks) this to my blog cause the entire idea is wonderful…especially being based around two of the most musical genius love-birds of all time, john and oko.

    also, hopefully my on-going list of songs can help couples with what songs can go on the mix :) (


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