Whimsical Coastal Big Sur Wedding

From the bride:

I’ve always felt like my soul belongs somewhere in the ocean. Everything about the vast expanse of sea is beautiful to me; the depths, the mystery, the way I feel so small beside it. In perfect juxtaposition, meeting my husband felt so much like standing in the middle of a Redwood grove; breathtaking, the thickest feeling of peace, that overwhelming feeling of being lost somewhere so much bigger than you. For so many reasons, as shallow as the shoreline and as deep as dark waters, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for us to get married than Big Sur, California.

When the day arrived, I remember waking up feeling whimsy and clarity all at once. The sacredness felt tangible. Fewer than thirty of us gathered on that mountain, with the scent of Eucalyptus sweeping down the hillside to our left, through the groves of Redwoods and over the ocean waves rising and falling below us. Making our promises to each other and rejoicing with our dearest family and friends was just how we hoped it would be, and even today I look back in awe of what a dreamy time it was.

After the ceremony, I remember gazing out at the ocean, and back again at all of our family and friends sitting around that long wooden table on soft purple and white sand, trying to freeze the image in my mind forever. Under a romantic blanket of fog, I remember thinking that this must be what feasting in Heaven is kind of like. Our hearts are still so full from the warmth of our family and friends extending their support and love for the entirety of our lives. We are so thankful to have such treasured memories of a day spent celebrating rich community, beauty, and covenantal love!

From Joy:

Loving my kids might be the fastest way to my heart. Tiffany is our au pair; she has had my heart for quite some time now. When she and Matt got engaged we were so excited and so happy to help make her dream wedding happen. She had never been the girl dreaming of how her wedding would be so we got to start from scratch. She knew it would have to be somewhere ruggedly beautiful and it would have to be simple–that’s their style. She didn’t have a huge budget but she used it very well. (Take heart (and notes!) all of you who have “smaller” wedding budgets–your wedding can still be epically beautiful!) She didn’t want a lot of flowers or fuss. I brought one bucket of flowers and gathered the rest from the sides of the roads. Cheryl made her a wisp of a dress that was so light I swear it would have floated away on the wind if given the chance. We tied little seashells into her mermaid hair with tiny fishtail braids. And in the thick fog that day, it felt like nothing else existed while we celebrated on the edge of the world.

Creative direction + Styling: Joy Thigpen  // Photography: Erich McVey  //  Ceremony location: The overlook at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park  //  Reception location: Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur  //  Dress: Cheryl Taylor  // Catering: Yam & Bean  //  Rentals: Classic Party Rentals  //  Officiant: Tyler Thigpen

25 Responses to “Whimsical Coastal Big Sur Wedding”

  1. Rylee Hitchner

    Some of my favorites involved in this wedding! Tiffany and Matt, I am so excited for you guys! Your wedding day was as beautiful as you guys and I am so happy you were blessed with such a beautiful memory and insight- a tiny glimpse- of what Heaven feels like…. Such an amazing thing! xoxoxo

  2. leia

    Oh. My. Goodness. Everything!!! Love it. Her dress, the locations, the seashells on the CAKE?!? So beautiful.

  3. lauren

    What a beautiful day- so ethereal. The fog really did create the perfect backdrop for the couple. I absolutely ADORE those shoes! Any idea who they are?

  4. joey

    I love the mixture of Wedding & Kinfolk type events! Erich is the perfect person too and should be shooting for Kinfolk too! Stunner bro!

  5. cozbi

    what a stunning wedding celebration + photos. so, so inspiring! well done in every way. thank you so much for sharing this unique affair! love it!!!

  6. Briana

    These photos are so beautiful. Congrats on what looks to have been a gorgeous and lovely wedding day!

  7. Lauren

    What an outstanding wedding! I recently got engaged and would love to plan a ceremony and/or reception on the same beach. Is there a particular part of Pfeiffer Beach this wedding was on? I would really appreciate any advice on the steps required (e.g. is a permit needed?) to get married on the beach or dine on the beach. Thank you!


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