Romantic Earthy Wedding by Jose Villa

Brianne & Brien’s Sunstone Villa Wedding from Living Cinema on Vimeo.

When it came to pulling together the fine details of the day, the couple enlisted the help of wedding planner Alexandra Kolendrianos. “Alexandra was incredible,” says the bride. “Our wedding would not have been as wonderful without her.” Brianne found most of her big-day inspiration on Pinterest. “It was my best friend from the moment we got engaged!” she says. After a quick brainstorming session with both Alexandra and Mindy Rice of Mindy Rice Floral and Event Design, Brianne trusted that their visions were aligned. She says, “They completely understood the style and vibe. We really wanted the venue to speak for itself and create a feeling around that.” For the flowers, the bride wanted a collection of muted, earthy tones with a fresh, romantic feeling.

Brianne opted for a body-skimming column of ivory lace of Claire Pettibone, a designer that perfectly captured the ethereal, not-too-girly femininity she desired. “The Claire Pettibone flagship store is right in Los Angeles and I ended up falling in love with the first dress I tried (out of 10 styles),” says the bride. To satisfy the fashion leanings of her 9 attendants, Brianne turned to the cult label Stone Cold Fox to design custom-made silk dresses. “I was most concerned about finding bridesmaid dresses that had traditional elements but weren’t cliche,” says the bride. “Stone Cold Fox came to mind because their aesthetic is one that I love and wear everyday in my life: relaxed, bohemian, and never cookie-cutter.” After settling on a palette of pale pink, rose and peach, they designed three different shapes: off-the-shoulder, scooped back and strapless, all sharing a common hand knit lace bodice.

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  1. Katy Lunsford

    Wow. This is about as perfect as it gets… just glorious. The light, the dresses, the setting, the colours, the styling and the photography are breathtaking. As Cheri said, Jose Villa’s photography is the perfect match for Claire Pettibone’s gorgeous gowns. Just beautiful!

  2. Kat

    Stunning, simply stunning. I’d love to get married all over again just to have Jose Vila photograph my wedding!

  3. Staci

    I am so glad I found this website. So many great ideas as well as a great place to find a dress.


  4. Linda McCrea

    Ethereal and delightful .Bride`s dress was absolutely adorable and suited her lovely shape perfectly .Groom very nice too .I am very interested in details please (if poss) of the actual make up of adorable floral centrepieces .I am a mother of a bride to be and colour schemes suit our theme perfectly .Greetings frromacross te ocean here in Northern Ireland -United Kingdom .

  5. Krysta

    I absolutely love the bride’s gown! Does anyone know where I can find it/ who the designer is?

  6. Chantale

    Where in Mexico did this wedding take place? I am looking for a place that is not on a resort to have my wedding and am having a hard time finding venues….

  7. Leah Craig

    Love the song that is in the wedding video! Anyone know who sings it? I can’t find it when I search for the lyrics.

  8. Amanda brand

    Looks stunning.were are your bridesmaid dresses from?im getting married in Greece and these dresses would look lovely with my wedding dress for my bridesmaids.

  9. Bridget

    I am absolutely in love with the bridesmaids dresses and this whole wedding. Did anyone find out where the bridesmaids dresses came from

  10. Jessica

    I would love to know what that song is in the video and who sings it! Beautiful wedding!


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