A Delicate Tuscan Inspired Outdoor Wedding

Rylee Hitchner and Andrew’s wedding was one of the most sweet and genuine events I have had the pleasure to be a part of. Their personalities set the course of the event. From day one we set out to make everything as organic, delicate, original, and personal as they are themselves. So many talented friends and family members pitched in. But no one worked as hard as her sweet dad. He spent months building the patio for the reception from reclaimed bricks, working from 4am for the final month before his regular work day began. And probably my favorite detail was the arbor he surprised Rylee with the week of the wedding. The tree that held her tree swing throughout her childhood had fallen recently in a storm. He cut some big limbs from the tree and fashioned it into an arbor for her to be married beneath. He also built two tables to be the head tables–one for them to keep for their kitchen and one for his daughter to take to her new home. So many sweet sweet details like this…

Andrew and I met when we were 14 and 17 and five years later we got engaged on the hammock in my parents backyard. 8 months after, we married in that same spot.

The prep time before the wedding felt like a dream- it started early and went by slowly. I totally embraced the process and valued those morning hours with my friends and family. I felt completely at peace but embarrassingly giddy at the same time.

I loved putting on my dress- within each hand-stiched thread held so many memories. The fall before the wedding, my mom & I found a delicate silky soft piece of lace we knew would be a great inspiration for the dress. Joy Thigpen then sat me down for a creative session & blew my mind as she gracefully & magically pulled my desires for the dress & the wedding out of my heart and put them onto paper. We then met the wonderful Cheryl Taylor who handcrafted each piece of the dress and found the most beautiful fabrics- while also including the piece my mom & I found. Cheryl was such a fun part of the process. Besides the dress, she also handmade my lace shoes & found my 100+ year old hairpiece and veil which I will cherish forever.

Andrew designed my ring using his great grandmothers diamond & a rose gold setting and paired them with two thin bands. Along with my rings, I wore small boxwood pearl earrings & a tiny bracelet I bought in Italy as my only other pieces of jewelry. “

I always dreamed of getting married in my parents backyard & I feel so blessed that everyone gave so much to make that happen. The week before the wedding, by dad surprised me with something so special to me. The ceremony structure that surrounded us as we said our vows was made by my dad with branches from a tree which used to hold our childhood tire swing before it fell the month before our wedding. Fittingly, we call this tree ‘the giving tree’ now :)

My favorite moment of the wedding day was with my dad. As we walked from the house to down the aisle, he stopped me just before walking down the aisle and whispered ‘Stop right here and take this all in for a moment…”

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Styling and Design: Joy Thigpen | Photographer: Tec Petaja | Planner: Ginny Au | Flowers: Joy Thigpen with assistance by Cloth of Gold | Paper & Calligraphy: Meagan Tidwell |  Pana Cotta: Caitlin Van Horn | Hair: Joanna Ballentine | Makeup: Brittany Massey | Chairs & Flatware: Market 46 | Tables & Lines: Special Events | Brides accessories: Hair Piece & Veil: Vintage | Earrings: Wildlife Wonders | Gown: Cheryl Taylor | Shoes: Cheryl Taylor | Assistants: Nina Mullins and Mandy Busby | Napkins: At Home Furnishings | Grooms Suite and Tie: J Crew | Glassware: Zara Home | Venue: Bride’s Home | Wholesale Flowers: Fifty Flowers

42 Responses to “A Delicate Tuscan Inspired Outdoor Wedding”

  1. Ciara

    So delighted to finally see your beautiful day Rylee! In awe of it all and wishing you both a lifetime of happiness ahead x

  2. Lisa

    Rylee, you are absolutely one of the most gorgeous brides I’ve ever seen!! So excited to finally see the stunning images from your special day!

  3. Wedding Sparrow

    Beautiful just doesn’t cover your wedding Rylee! You are an inspiration that not everything needs to be purchased and that the best heirlooms are the ones you create yourself. I want to get married again after seeing this! Congratulations Rylee & Andrew! Xo

  4. mancy

    such a beautiful, intimate wedding. rylee is the sweetest, most adorable bride ever. much happiness!!!

  5. izzie rae photography

    dearest rylee,
    you are so beautiful. your heart is one of the sweetest i know… seeing these images makes me feel as though i was right there every step of the way and also shows proof of your beautiful heart. you are loved by so many… and i can’t wait to give you a big hug soon!
    once wed,
    everything about this wedding is truly stunning. everyone who was involved should be very proud! beautiful craftsmanship…. :)

  6. Chloe

    Oh my. What a gorgeous, gorgeous celebration of all things light & delicate. Rylee actually looks a lot like her photos feel – beautiful and unique. Truly lovely photos too, Tec Petaja! Kudos to you all.

  7. Lisa O'Dwyer

    So beautiful! The photography, styling, the story, and most of all this couple! Congratulations to the two of you and may you have a life full of happiness, love, and fulfillment!

  8. Powerbrides

    Oh my god, the photos alone left us teary-eyed. Can’t imagine how beautiful this wedding must have been like in real life.

  9. Lindsay

    I’m so unsure that there is anything else closer to perfect! So serene and utterly beautiful. Congratulations Rylee and Andrew, may you have a wonderful life together.

  10. Jane

    Rylee, not only are you talented, but you’re also unbelievably stunning!!!

  11. Hannah W

    I have a very clear idea in my mind of what I want my veil/headpiece to look like but I’d been having trouble translating it to reality until I saw these pictures. This is exactly the look I am going for and you don’t often see it on wedding blogs. Thanks for the timely inspiration Rylee and Once Wed! Just beautiful.

  12. Rylee Hitchner

    Hi Jillian,
    My engagement ring was custom made & my wedding bands were custom from Melanie Rawding who sells thin gold bands on Etsy. Her shop is ScarlettJewelry. Hope this helps!


    • Tammy

      Rylee…. I know this is a long shot and I have no idea if you will even get this message.. but PLEASE could you tell me where you got your beautiful Tiara/Crown from??!?!? Pleeeeaaase.. I am beyond inlove with it <3 If you know where I can find one or order one that is similar? I live in South Africa :)

  13. Melanie Rawding

    Thanks so much for listing that information about your rings Rylee! It was a pleasuring designing those super slim rose gold bands for you. Your wedding was absolutely flawless and you look stunning and so happy. Congratulations!

  14. Taylor

    This is so gorgeous. I love love love every detail. I was trying to explain my “vision” to my mom when I stumbled upon your website and said to myself “perfect”! You captured everything i was trying to explain to my mom for my upcoming wedding. So perfect.

  15. Sharon

    Hi Rylee,
    You look beautiful ! Your wedding looks so sweet!
    My fiance and I were going to do foot washing as well because of the meaning behind it in the Bible. Where did you find the bucket you used for your ceremony? I really like it and would want something like that!
    Thank you!!

  16. Sharon

    Beautiful !! You look stunning!! Where is the bucket from that you used for your foot washing?

  17. kendra

    I was wondering what type of string was used to wrap your wedding invites. it is so delicate looking and you still were able to make a bow. maybe you can tell me what type of fabric it was.

    Many thanks
    kendra :)

    Gorgeous organic natural and lovely wedding!!! Just STUNNING


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