Zack + Lauren IIII

cute-farm11 white-wedding-flower-portraits vintage-wedding-getaway-truck adorable-farm-weddings

How sweet are Lauren and Zack? The one of them in front of the barn is absolutely adorable, and it definitely one of my favorites from Our Labor of Love. Images from their lovely reception are coming up next…

5 Responses to “Zack + Lauren IIII”

  1. Kate A

    I’m with Kate B, I LOVE the redesign but find it most convenient to stay within my reader.

    Gorgeous wedding, our labor of love makes my heart swoon.

  2. Emily

    Hey Kate. We’re working on fixing the google reader issue today. Thanks!

  3. kristy

    I love this photo on the tires – it shouts fun, love, play- everything i think a wedding should be. What a beautiful wedding and absolutely gorgeous photos!


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