Wren Handmade

I am a huge fan of Wren Handmade, so when Laura posted these image today from her wedding in the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings I couldn’t resist posting them here. Wow, I’m in love and can’t wait to pick up the Summer issue…

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via Martha Stewart Weddings

19 Responses to “Wren Handmade”

  1. Debbie

    OH MY GOODNESS. This wedding is everything I want for my own and so much more. Is the issue out now?

  2. Sara

    how fun. the colors, details, paper goods, everything is delightful. what a sweet wedding.

  3. Elizabeth Mackey

    I absolutely love your blog. I love weddings,and the photos on here make my day. My oldest daughter eloped to Paris so I never got to plan her wedding. Perhaps I will get to help with my youngest daughter when the time comes. This blog is a great inspiration for future ideas :) I just showed my youngest the wedding of Nathan and Angela, because her boyfriend is a drummer too, as well as tall and skinny like Nathan. She loved it.

  4. veronika

    this is one of my favorite weddings you’ve posted so far. that butterfly bouquet is absolutely stunning.


  5. Haylie Waring

    i love this! i met laura @ the renegade craft fair, and I love her work! it is so perfect and so beautiful. i have to own one of her crocheted necklaces!!

  6. donna

    i’ve never wished so badly that i could have been at a stranger’s wedding! every single detail is flawless. flawless!

  7. Marty J.

    I love this wedding! I saw it here first, so I’m linking this post to my Friday dance. Love, love, love her dress!

  8. Robin DePriest Cope

    How refreshing! This wedding is adorable and just perfect for someone as unique, talented and inspirational as Laura…


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