Whimsical Wedding Ideas

I am such a sucker for a beautiful DIY wedding and the lovely wedding of Kim and Zac from Brooke Schwab Photography is no exception to this rule. The bride, Kim, was an avid reader of Once Wed while planning her wedding, so I was thrilled when she sent over some details for me to share with everyone…

The spirit behind our wedding could be summed up in one word: FUN! We both really wanted a wedding that felt “like us,” which in our case meant lots of personal touches and a joyous, light-hearted, not-too-formal vibe. Some of the elements convey “fun” to me because they set a totally classic party vibe, like balloons, tissue paper pom poms, and cupcakes. And a few other elements, like the photobooth, fun old-time typography, and the popcorn machine, were a bit reminiscent of a carnival or midway. And the birds? Well, I just think birds are fun! The idea of “fun” helped us just as much with figuring out what we didn’t want in the wedding as what we did–if it didn’t seem like it would be fun, we didn’t do it. The day was awesome! And it was captured to perfection by my awesome photographer Brooke Schwab.

fun-wedding-socks red-wedding-bouquet red-wedding-balloons wedding-confetti

Visually, the invitations were the springboard and inspiration for the rest of the wedding. One of my best friends and bridesmaids, Naomi, is a very talented graphic designer. She offered to design the invitations and other paper elements for the wedding and I knew they’d be fabulous. I knew that I wanted something fun in red and aqua, and I was hoping to incorporate birds in the design. Naomi came up with a few ideas and I love the one we chose. Zak and I printed the invitations ourselves on my Gocco.

wedding-button-ideas paper-straws red-and-blue-wedding-ideas blue-and-red-wedding-ideas wedding-balloons wedding-napkin-ideas wedding-cupcake-ideas wedding-moustache

Thank you again to Brooke for sending in this lovely wedding. And to Kim and Zac for letting us share in your whimsical celebration! It always so fun to see how people take ideas and inspiration found in the blog world and make them their own.

Vendor List:
Invitation/Programs: Eleventy
Flowers: The Blooming Bride
Shoe Embellishments: Oh My Deer
Bridesmaid Dresses: Unique Vintage
Venue: Space Studio
Caterer: A Fiore Catering
Photography: Brooke Schwab Photography

42 Responses to “Whimsical Wedding Ideas”

  1. Jasper

    Kim – this is so amazing, I love it! The felt birds, the stripey socks, the big red balloons, omg!

    Are you doing anything with your table runners? I would buy/rent/borrow them from you!!! They are perfect….

    chaispicetea at yahoo dot com

    Let me know!

  2. Rachel

    love the wedding! in fact, FUN is my inspiration too! Is it possible to find out where the bride got her dress? I’m looking for one that’s pretty much exactly like that and I’m having trouble.

    Thank you!

  3. Claire

    The picture of the brides ring… are those straws or candy? If they’re straws, where’d she get those pretty straws?

  4. Kim

    Thanks for all the nice comments!!
    Rachel – I had my dress custom made by a local (Dallas) seamstress. I was having a hard time finding what I wanted as well and having the dress made ended up being considerably less expensive.

  5. Christina

    Kim – I love the shoes – can you please tell me where you got them!? Great wedding!

  6. Naomi

    Kim, your photos are so fantastic! I’m so glad I got to work on such a stylish wedding. A bride with good taste and fun ideas is a designer’s dream! Thank you for your patient indulgence while I frolicked and romped in red-and-aqua-typography playland!

  7. Kim

    My shoes were from Chinese Laundry. I got then on super sale from Zappos at the beginning of the year so I’m not sure if they’re still available. The shoe embellishments are from Oh My Deer.

  8. Evette

    Hi Kim & Zak,
    Great job! Your hope that you’d have a fun wedding was an understatement, it was a blast so I’m so glad for this website so all can see what a special day it was !

    Love, Evette

  9. Morgan

    Where did you get the felt bird cake toppers? This is exactly what my friend is looking for for her wedding!!

  10. Kim

    The table runners we’re actually made by one of my bridesmaids with Amy Butler fabric.

    Morgan – I made the felted cake topper birds. They we’re totally inspired by those by Lauren Alane (Etsy), but her’s are hard to get and expensive so I learned to felt.

    Oh and my ring is by the designer Scott Kay.

  11. Lena

    Gorgeous! What kind of flowers are in your bouquet? They are exactly what I want for my wedding!

  12. jess

    thanks so much kim for the info on the runners! they are seriously perfect.

    i second, that if you want to sell/ rent them out- i’d love to take them for my upcoming nuptials!

    just email me @ jessmann@gmail.com

    congrats again!

  13. PKJ

    I see your ring is from Scott Kay. His designs are wonderful– it looks great! Does your ring have a surprise diamond in a square setting? or a princess cut? Beautiful choice!! congratulations!

  14. Lisa

    aah! so cute! i am sooo jealous! seriously, beautiful!
    and so fun. i am hoping to get married in sept. if i can get a wedding together! i am basically trying to plan something very similar in style to this one… no kidding… aqua and blue and birds! it must be in trend =D !
    and i can’t find a venue!! its crazy! if anywhere knows of anywhere fun and cool in the philadelphia/NJ area please pass it along! i’ve going nuts! its for a small wedding of 25 people.

  15. Justine

    Wondering where the groomsmen socks came from? We are looking for some bright, fun socks in purple and green and can’t find them anywhere!

  16. Mel

    Kim- do you have a pattern for the felt birds? I tried to order some from Lauren, but she’s not doing them for now? Help!! Thank you.

    Beautiful wedding by the way.

  17. Leah

    Kim, I love your wedding! I’m getting married in April and I am having the hardest time trying to find those big balloons. Can you please pass along that info? Thank you!

  18. jessica

    jamie- by the looks of it, i would guess they printed the napkins by hand with a gocco printer.

    does anyone know where i might find balloons like these? thank you!


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