Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

I recently stumbled upon the beautiful photography of Meg Kroeker while perusing ffffound one day a couple weeks ago and immediately sent her an email asking if I could share more of her work on Once Wed. I was of course absolutely thrilled when I received an email back with a link of images from the wedding of Steph and Emery below. How can you resist any wedding where the bridesmaids where vintage prom dresses?

hipster wedding vintage bridesmaid dresses

Photography by Meg Kroeker

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  1. bailey

    i have been looking for a small hair piece for my bridesmaids…..just like these girls have! Where did she get those? Or did she make them?

  2. Carissa

    I have scoured the internet (and stores) looking for vintage BM dresses like that! I love those, they are perfect and beautiful.
    I wish I knew where she got them!!

  3. Stefanie Hiebert

    I was so shocked (& flattered!) when some of my friend’s stumbled upon my wedding photos on this blog! That is so awesome, I am glad you all share my appreciation for vintage! Thank you thank you!

    Lots of questions about the bridesmaids’ dresses.. let me tell you, that was the trickiest part! I wanted the wedding to have an eccentric vintage feel (think: Marie Antoinette) So, my bridesmaids’ dress criteria consisted of: dresses in different pastel colors (peach and baby blue were our wedding colors!), similar styles & fabrics (lots of tuelle!), and all from the same era (about 1950’s-1960’s or so!) This proved to be the trickiest part.. but so worth all the efforts we put into finding them!

    The blue one was actually found at a small town thrift store for less than ten dollars, what a find! The peach one I had found months earlier, (and originally purchased for myself!) at a local vintage store. The purple one was also a second hand store find! After we found all the dresses my mother-in-law did some minor alterations on them, such as hemming them all to just below the knee, so that they were all the same length.

    My advice for those of you looking for unique one-of-a-kind vintage dresses: be persistent with checking your local Goodwill or second hand stores! All of these dresses were easily under $100.. I think even under $70! It’s fun to break from the tradition of having all matching dresses in matching colors!

    We are so pleased with everything! The photos turned out amazing! We wouldn’t change a thing.

    Good luck with your planning!

    -Stefanie Hiebert (bride)

  4. Kent Wedding Photographer

    This is very inspirational indeed. It’s a style I don’t think I’ve ever seen adopted over here in the UK. The mix of vintage and punchy color images (instead of B&W) make this work in my opinion.

  5. Carlie Jean

    This is the most beautiful wedding ever! I am so inspired by this. My fiance and I are getting married in a theatre and we are going for the vintage look. We want the same suits for the men! And the bridesmaid dresses are so incredible! Stunning! The bride beautiful. Breathtaking. Incredible!

  6. Nik

    Does anyone have the contact information for Meg Kroeker (the photographer). I checked on Flickr but can’t figure out how to get in touch with her. Thanks!

  7. Brittany

    The reception of this wedding was absolutely amazing (not shown)! such an inspiration :D (i know the couple!)

  8. Inky

    This is so funny because I found this website through ffffound. Love the dresses in this post!

  9. rachel irwin

    where did you find the bridesmaid dresses? i am having a vintage wedding and i am having no luck.

  10. Sophie

    I totally adore these dresses! I’ll be à bridesmaide at my good friend’s wedding in june. She’d like just these colors!! I’ve been looking all over for a “perfect” dress and here they are and especially the blue one!!! Now my question can I please buy it?!
    I’d be more than happy for your respons!
    Thank You! Sophie from Sweden


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