West Village Engagement in the Springtime

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Putting this post together felt like I was making the next great date night movie! Does it seem like it could be a movie to you?? Such a beautiful couple–and they’re so sweet with each other…  And I love the photography, KT! Gorgeous images! I have so many favorites but my favorite detail is the way the taxi cabs are reflected in the window when they’re kissing in the coffee shop. So good.

Photography: KT Merry  //  Hair: Drybar  //  Makeup: Dawn Spinner  //  Ring: Kwiat  //  Dress: Sandro  //  Shoes: Christian Louboutin  //   Jeans: Current Elliot  // Her blazer: Cartonnier  //  Shoes: Costume National  //  Blouse: Tucker  //  Sandals: Luiza Barcelos  //  Jeans: Helmut Lang

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11 Responses to “West Village Engagement in the Springtime”

  1. Lisamarie

    This could be one of my most favorite engagement sessions ever. I had my hair done at the Drybar prior to taking my engagement pictures also!

  2. Christian Louboutin

    L’amour est deux personnes avec voyage romantique, main dans la main, dans le gravier dans les rues, à pied. Ne vous souciez pas d’y aller. Est-ce que suis très heureux, votre bonheur enviable!


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