Sarah + Adam

The images below from Sarah and Adam’s wedding caught my eye immediately when they popped up in my reader yesterday and I am thrilled their photographer, Ashley Garmon, sent over more images for me to share with you today. Thanks, Ashley!

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Invitations: Alyson Fox

Dress: John Galliano

[Images c/o Ashley Garmon Photographers]

64 Responses to “Sarah + Adam”

  1. MidwestElle

    I love this trend (?!) of simple yet elegant dresses. They’re so beautiful and feminine, but don’t have a lot of poof or a big bustle to have to worry about. Beautiful!

  2. liz

    tell me more?!?!? where is his suit and her dress from?!?!


  3. Clelia

    I love her shoes and am looking for shoes just like this for my wedding. Any idea where she found these?

  4. heather

    Wow. I love the flower buckets in the background and the father/daughter pic. love this site!

  5. keren

    These photos are amazing. what great wedding this must have been. I second the comment about her dress and shoes. Where did she get those shoes. i want them

  6. kristen

    seconding and thirding the comments so far – beautiful beautiful beautiful – i’ve been looking for a dress just like this. please please share if you have any info on where it came from :)

  7. joy thigpen

    wow is right! what a beautiful bride! and that dress…. great job ashley on capturing it and great job sarah on being so cool!

  8. Ashley Garmon

    The dress is John Galiano and I believe she got it at Neiman Marcus. She’ll have to let you guys know when she gets back from her honeymoon!

  9. Johanne

    What a beautiful wedding. The photography is so good and fits the style of the bride perfectly. I’m envious!

  10. Amy Vassar

    Oh, so pretty. The best part is how uncontrollably happy she looks, and then you see him looking at her and he looks just as sweet. I also love the simple flowers. Like Michael said, ‘A wedding I would have liked to have been at.’ Congratulations Sarah and Adam!!

  11. Amber

    Sarah, if you’re reading these comments – can you please tell me where you found the flower bucket/holder thing? I LOVE it.

  12. Ashley

    I followed the link and it is! I was also married there. It is an amazingly gorgeous venue in Austin TX.

  13. Sarah S.

    Wow! you guys are so nice! it’s so fun to see our pictures up on these websites! I’ll try to answer the questions… Yes my dress is a John Galliano found at Neiman Marcus Last Call during some crazy gown event they were having that i stumbled upon by accident… the shoes are Magrit. I saw the adorable floral stand at our florist’s shop in Austin, and he let us (generously) borrow it for the wedding. It photographs so well! Thank you all for your lovely comments!

  14. Mara

    Sarah, you looked absolutely perfect, thank you so much for sharing.

    Are you able to provide the style number of your dress? It is … like …. the dress i have been picturing for my wedding day … if I can’t find it, i may try to have something similar made…

    have you considered selling it?

    kindly let me know

    Many thanks.

  15. anne

    Like the tons of other bride to be’s I am in LoVe with your dress… look radiant in it!!!! I want to look like that too….Can you give me any other details for purchasing?

  16. Gina

    Sarah – I was wondering what time of day you had you wedding? I’m hoping to get married in Austin one day – and I want an outside wedding too, but it’s just so hot!

    I loveeeee your wedding – everything is so lovely.


  17. amanda M

    This wedding is absolutely perfect!!!! Does anyone know the exact name of the flowers in her bouquet? I know they are roses but there are so many different kinds and I can’t seem to find them online anywhere. I love the color!!!!

  18. Pretty Dress

    The dress is actually from John Galliano’s Fall 2006 RTW line. You can see a runway pic of it on

  19. Posy

    I’m 99% sure the roses are a colour called ‘antique’. They will open this big after about 2 days, they come quite tight and look almost as if they’re dying but as they open they look gorgeous.

  20. gilllian

    This dress is absolutely beautiful and Sarah wears it so well. It is just the sort of thing I was looking for without ever knowing exactly what I wanted or desired (pleanty of dislikes though). I’ve been scouring the web and have found a few more images of it. Enough images infact that a vintage wedding dress maker in London has said that she can make it for me (either exactly the same or with a few changes, if I like). After feeling like I was drowning in the mire of regular wedding dresses I’m now really excited about the prospect of having ‘the dress’ (which I thought was a bit of a fallacy until I saw this one).
    Thank you so much for sharing your pics!

  21. Sharon

    Hi there, know I’m a bit late on this one but wondered if anyone ever did manage to find this dress? Or if Sarah you did ever think of selling it?! Thanks so much. It’s completely stunning.

    • emily

      hey sharon

      i think the bride decided to keep the dress and unfortunately i don’t know of any one who was able to find it. sorry i couldn’t be more help:(



  22. Sharon

    Thanks Emily! If anyone found anything remotely similar then please do let me know – having real trouble finding a dress!

  23. Kayla

    I can’t find shoes like these anywhere! I love them. Does anyone know where I can find them?

  24. Tugela

    I love this dress and this whole wedding in fact! I’m getting married in the UK next year and that dress is PERFECT. So beautiful.

    Gillian, who did you find in London to make it for you? Did it work out beautifully? I’m a Londoner and I’d love to know who you asked. tugelabarnes(at) Thanks!

  25. Kristin

    Gillian, you said you found so many images of the dress that you could get it made. I have googled obviously but not found enough I think. Could you send me your links perhaps? And if anyone knows where it could be bought at this late date I would be grateful. And I agree with you all, the dress is divine. What a beautiful happy looking wedding.


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