Samantha + Steven

Andrew and Katrina of Sedona Bride are some of the sweetest people I’ve come across in the blog world, so I always get really excited to see a wedding from them in my inbox. I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorites from the recent wedding of Samantha and Steven. How amazing is her dress from Cymbeline Paris?

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To see the rest of this gorgeous wedding, check out all three posts right here

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17 Responses to “Samantha + Steven”

  1. Kelly McKinney

    The first picture is gorgeous…they all look like greek goddesses and nymphs! They just glow!

  2. katrina + andrew = sedona bride photographers

    Thanks so much Emily for posting this gorgeous wedding… it’s such an honor to be on your blog… we’ve been long time fans.

    Leandra, the style of the dress is “colibrie” you can see it on the cymbeline website.

    We really enjoyed Sam and Steven. The are both incredibly generous and sweet people. We were really impressed with how they put together a stylish wedding with really personal touches. It was definitely a fun day to document.

    Here is a link to their wedding day story if you want to see more images from this gorgeous couple’s wedding.

    Thanks again Emily!

  3. KK

    I love the bridesmaids dresses! I am getting married next spring and three of my bridesmaids are pregnant so finding dresses for preggos and non-preggos has been difficult to say the least. Where are the dresses from?

  4. Betsy

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous, and I agree with Kelly– the first photo looks reminds me of a classical painting–springtime dryads or something equally lovely!

  5. Samantha

    I thought the girl to the left of the bride looks shockingly similar to Marley Shelton…. turns out it is her, and the bride is her sister!
    IMDB…. it never fails.

  6. katrina + andrew = sedona bride photographers

    it’s true, that first pic is the amazing Shelton sisters! funny you hit the nail on the head, Samantha; i wonder how you knew that? :P Marley was the co-star on the series ‘ Eleventh Hour,’ and is just as gorgeous in person.. Samantha, among many other cool things, recently released a song track that is on the ‘ Inglorious Basterds’ soundtrack… a seriously talented family, and a blast to work with on the wedding day :) while Katrina typically shoots as the primary shooter in our team, this was actually me shooting primary, and Katrina backing me up… we had a fun time and I think we got some shots the family will enjoy. that’s what we aim for :)

  7. Devony

    Where did you ladies locate a retailer for that wedding dress? I’m interested; its lovely!



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