Pretty Outdoor Wedding

Sometimes you come across a wedding which surprises you(in a good way of course!). Noa of Feather love Photography recently sent over this sweet outdoor wedding for a feature and while browsing through the photos of this beautiful couple I came across the image below of the bride holding up her dress showing a pair of black, grungy style boots. I definitely did not expect to see a pair of boots paired with such an elegant wedding dress, but I LOVE it and more importantly love that this gorgeous bride wore what felt most comfortable to her.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses Feather Love Photography Noa Feather Love Featherlove Photography Ribbon Wedding Bouquet

Check out Noa’s blog to see the rest of this lovely wedding and gorgeous couple!

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13 Responses to “Pretty Outdoor Wedding”

  1. Stacy

    GREAT PICTURES! I wish I could have had their photographer.

    Happy couple=gorgeous couple!

  2. Lindsay Grace

    Such a beautiful couple! And the boots are rockin my world!!

  3. Japer

    These are great! my wedding was three weeks ago and I had the same bridesmaid dresses :)

    and I wore my trusty old boots rather than pretty bridal-y shoes (which I had). Haha!

    “cheers” to the bride, she’s got great taste!

  4. Daniel

    An outdoor setting is fantastic especially for the photos. Such amazing contrast.