Oh My Deer Wedding

Chelsea and Tec’s incredible wedding shot by Mat Kearney in Super 8mm film.
Take a few minutes to watch the entire film…it will brighten up your day:).
More images and details coming up next…

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14 Responses to “Oh My Deer Wedding”

  1. Sarah

    Chelsea, your wedding looks so beautiful and romantic. In particular, can you tell me where you bought your veil?

  2. lauren

    okay, i am definitely getting married at a farm and hopefully in a big barn just like theirs.

  3. Julia

    Mat Kearney the singer? That is so cool that you had a singer video your wedding…does that mean he was performing in that cool ceremony band you had there too?

  4. chelsea petaja

    hey everyone! you all are amazing. thank you thank you thank you. mat kearney is a buddy of ours and he just so happens to–apart from being an incredible musician–own and knows how to operate a super 8 camera! as obvious by the film, he went above and beyond what he needed to do, and captured some really beautiful images. so no, he didn’t preform alongside our other amazing artist, but he did do a great job of filming and of being a guest! ha. and for those of you interested in the songs, here are the ones used in the video: "Amazing Grace", Sufjan Stevens / "(I love you) For Sentimental Reasons", Nat King Cole / "Let’s Fall in Love", Ella Fitzgerald / "Get Up", James Brown

  5. Amy

    Wow. Wow. Wow. That video is just amazing. I love that it is 8mm. It makes it so timeless. I’m green with envy and smiling cause it’s so great Congrats!!!!

  6. Sherry Hatch

    Hi There,
    Beautiful, very unique wedding! You said the venue belongs to a friend. Was your wedding in the Nashville area? If so, do you think your friend would be willing to rent the barn and surrounding area for an August wedding?
    Thank You


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