Nancy + Ethan II

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The tables were
covered in brown paper and decorated with small succulents in tiny clay
pots. The clay pots were “junk” in our friends yard so we asked
to recycle them and filled them with succulent trimmings  from
another friends garden…these became our parting gifts…

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We decided to supply the beverages…fresh
lemonade, beer and wine….simple. As for the food, we coined our wedding
a “summer potluck and wedding “….Ethans’ parents cooked up a
great BBQ and each guest brought an appetizer, salad or fresh fruit
ready to serve…it was  amazing. Many of our friends are excellent
cooks  and many also work at the local farmers markets so there
were many fresh exciting dishes to choose from…nothing went to waste
and there was minimal clean-up. We supplied biodegradable utensils and
plates as well.

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The cakes were baked by four
of our great friends as our wedding gift. One was chocolate beet and
the other white chocolate with fresh rasberries…I requested a simple
decoration of organic flowers and they chose lavendar…


We couldn’t have asked for a better
photographer to capture our wedding…we knew when we chose Kirsten
that she would capture the true essence of the day in a natural and
honest way…the images were captured with film and came out beautiful…

We wouldn’t have changed a thing
about our wedding…everyone was loving and content in the outdoors….with
great food, acoustic tunes and sunshine…

Nancy, thank you again for coming on the site today and giving us a peek into your wedding. It was marvelous and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness. I also wanted to thank, Kirsten, for taking the time to send over her incredible images!

[Images c/o Kirsten Ellis Beaux Arts Photographie]

28 Responses to “Nancy + Ethan II”

  1. Amy

    This is the type of wedding I would love to have if my family wasn’t so insanely proper. It seems like one big summer party pinic. Heavenly.

  2. chelsea

    This is what I want my wedding to be like (when I get married:). It looks low key, fun comfortable and all about celebrating with loved ones.

  3. Amy@OldSweetSong

    Oh my I love this wedding! I wish I had been invited… I definitely fall more in this casual, relaxed wedding camp. I’ll use this as inspiration when I get married (someday).

  4. LK

    Beautiful wedding! This reminds us all what a wedding should be about – love, family, friends, and a great time. Thanks for sharing!

  5. courtney{flush designs}

    This is so REAL and simply stunning! What love, joy and weddings are meant to be!

  6. Gabrielle

    ohhh i love those paper cranes!

    I am so jealous of the weddings that you post! We unfortunately don’t have the abundance of resources here in Australia that your brides seem to have. And if we do, they are scarce, expensive and most likely in a different state to me.

    I have started my own blog
    in hope that Aussie brides (and others) may find the same inspiration for their weddings that you provide me. so thank you


  7. Courtenay

    Your pictures are amazing! Couldn’t have captured the day in a better way:-)

  8. Jaime

    This is what love is all about. Excellent and spot on. Congrats Nancy and Ethan! May this be the start to many memorable years of pot lucks together! :)

  9. GeorgiaMay

    Here’s my lightbulb moment after admiring this wedding – magnificent photography makes everything look magnificent! EG: the basic, handwritten sign looks really cute in the photo. I would probably have worried about a detail like that at my own wedding but the skilled photographer makes it all shine with love (as the married couple & guests did).

  10. emie

    I’m almost speechless after looking at these beautiful weddings! Absolutely stunning and definitely one of those weddings you wish you were at! And to think they did it for $3,000! Unreal!

  11. Jen

    This wedding is so inspiring. I’m going to share it with a friend ? a potluck reception is such a fantastic idea.

  12. Sarah

    I would also love to know what maker the dress is or where she got it. It is the perfect park picnic dress. What a beautiful wedding!


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