Mosey Handmade Wedding II

Since our wedding took place close to the fall equinox, traditionally the harvest time, we were very inspired by the the natural color
palette of fall.  Rosy apple reds and Japanese lantern oranges, bittersweet yellows and ruddy root vegetables. We drew our inspiration from our location, the rocky eastern coastline, the mossy green woods, the apples growing in the nearby orchard.


I made my own veil of simple tulle with a pearl rosette from my great grandma’s wedding dress (something old and blue), my grandmothers pearls (something borrowed) and my dress (something new).

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Alexander wore a natural linen suit and all the grooms men wore orange ties.


They each wore crowns of vine and vintage millinery of toadstools and crab apples made also by me. My mom made my crown from bittersweet vine and rosemary.

handmade wedding ideas7

The flower girls’ dresses were simple white cotton embellished with satin and grosgrain ribbon.

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We got married under a very simple huppah (jewish wedding canopy) that was fashioned by a friend. I stitched up the canopy from duponi silk and my mom decorated it with bittersweet and crab apples from our yard.


Our ceremony was simple and took place overlooking the ocean.  The music for the ceremony and reception were the Brothers Yentes on cello and violin playing a mix of Appalachian and Gypsy Jazz melodies.

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Our rings were one of my favorite details. Fashioned from rose gold with a look similar to tree bark, I just loved how it tied everything


Stay tuned for Part III coming up next!

[Images c/o Brown Mouse Photo]

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  1. Sallie

    I adore all the little handmade details. The flower girl crown is too cute!

  2. vt2bride

    Dying to know where the dress came from?? It looks beautiful, simple, and flowy…


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