Matthew + Leila II

Ever since Chelsea created an orchard wedding table top for our budget wedding series, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of having a wedding in an orchard of fruit trees, so when Kirsten sent me this wedding it took me all of all two seconds to immediately respond with a yes. I am sucker for anything rustic and kitschy, and Leila and Matthew’s wedding is the perfect mix of both..

orchard-farm wedding-roses wedding-bubbles apple-orchard-wedding orchard-wedding-ideas

So much more coming up next!

Photography by Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie

10 Responses to “Matthew + Leila II”

  1. Dana

    everything about this wedding just makes me happy. so sweet and casual.nothing over the top. oh, and the photographs are just gorgeous.

  2. Abigal

    The last set of shots are absolutely swoonworthy. Such a sweet wedding!


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