Libby + Greg

The lovely ladies over at Belathée Photography sent over this bi-coastal affair that consisted of a rustic farm engagement party and then a sweet wedding over in New York. Dorothée (one half of the Belathée team) was in Oregon to document this family filled party complete with croquet and colored pencils…

oregon outdoor engagement party

Libby and Greg’s charming New York wedding is coming up next!

14 Responses to “Libby + Greg”

  1. Sara

    this is so sweet. i love the idea of using craft paper on top of tableclothes. can’t wait to see their wedding!

  2. rachel

    I LOVE all the paper! Can you please tell me who did the invites and other products? Beautiful and fun!

  3. Lex Cut

    The bride is really beautiful. I remembered Alice in Wonderland when I saw what they were playing. The movie will be showing soon too!


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