Kevin + Paige II

My idea for the wedding was rustic, organic, earthy, yet artfully modern with a bit of old world whimsy. Tall order. That was hard to narrow down, and I loved muted grey-blues, sage greens, and ballet pink. I couldn’t decide so I used them all! They all played a part in the color palette and they worked well with our outdoor setting. Our back terrace is 3 levels (kind of like an amphitheater) surrounded by gorgeous eucalyptus trees and was ideal for the ceremony. Our lower yard served as a secluded, woodsy setting for the bar/mingling area for cocktails and hors d’ouevres after the ceremony.

fabric-garland-ideas wood-wedding-invitations1 eco-wedding-centerpieces pink-wedding-vase succulent-wedding-ideas

We designed our invitations ourselves and had them printed on sustainably harvested birch wood from Night Owl Press. Our party favors were in line with our “love is sweet” heart that Kevin painted on the garage. We gave out Dagoba Organic Chocolate Bars and Juniper Ridge Sweetgrass incense. My husband also made the “vows” sign with plywood and pine letters with stain and paint. He was the best DIY crew ever. We designed and printed all the signage for the event based on our invitation. Josie’s mom Roberta Maran made me the coolest handmade recycled fabric banner that flew above our heads during the wedding.

custom-wedding-napkins wedding-drink-ideas photo-booth-ideas eco-wedding-ideas eco-wedding-ideas backyard-wedding

All our tablecloths were natural hemp with ivory burlap runners under the flower arrangements. Flowers were done by Stephanie Elhayani of Seed Floral. Stephanie and I are both relatively new to the event planning world and we started our companies at about the same time with the intention of creating beautiful, sustainable events. She uses local, seasonal flowers (most often organic) for her events. She rocks! My flowers were incredible.

Photography by Charley Star

So much more coming up next!

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16 Responses to “Kevin + Paige II”

  1. Tonia

    Oh gosh their engagement picture in the wooden frame is so cute!! I would love to see more of those photos.

    Hearing about all the eco-friendly ingredients in their wedding is really inspiring. Truly a heartful AND mindful wedding. It’s so wonderful that more and more people are aware of our human impact on this planet. You don’t have to be a “tree hugger” to live in a responsible, intentional, and sustainable way.

    Thank you for sharing this wedding!!

  2. Kelsey

    This wedding is adorable. I love the colors. Any ideas as to where one could locate vases like the pink one beside the engagement photo? Really loving the vintage-y feel.

  3. paige appel

    thank you all for the lovely comments! the 3 tier stand is my own from anthropologie, the ruffled background are also my own shower curtains from anthropologie. glad you all enjoyed my pics!

  4. vanessa

    Hy !
    Congratulations ! It’s fantastic
    It’s possible to know the brand of the wedding dress ?
    Thank you

  5. Maryhope

    Hi, I’m wondering how the fabric garland was made? I’m having trouble telling how it was constructed from the photo, but I’d love to make something similar for my own wedding. Any thoughts appreciated!



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