Karen + Tim II


My color palette was a fiasco! I originally intended to have blues and greens, and I even designed and gocco printed my invitations in those colors, but i couldn’t find any bridesmaid dresses that we liked that were yellow…I wanted to have sundress style dresses. We ended up finding these great yellow dresses at Anthropologie and going with those. I re-printed my invitations to go with that color, only to find out Anthropologie came out with the exact same dress in a pretty jade color a couple months later! It turned out the yellow was great anyway though! Tim ended up picking the ties he and his groomsmen wore and chose to have navy suits with the groomsmen only wearing the vests.











Fireseed was the perfect venue. They have beautiful gardens (which also provide food for the catering!), lots of flowers and natural decorations, so i didn’t have to do anything to decorate outside! There is a pretty wooded area and a little lake on the property. It’s a husband and wife team (with a great border collie named Asa…such a sweet dog!) who is a chef and a pastry chef. He did all the cooking, and she did all the baking! It was great to not have to worry about a catering company having to make it on the ferry with all the food!



The charming reception next…

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  1. Courtney

    Might there be any pictures of the invitations? :) We are trying to work on ours and are looking for lots of inspiration!


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