Julie + Matt

Its always such a treat to receive a wedding from a bride who used Once Wed as a resource while planning her wedding, so when Julie sent over the images below from her handmade wedding, I couldn’t wait to post these lovelies up on the site. Julie has an awesome etsy shop filled with all kinds of vintage goodies, so naturally many of the details from her wedding were also vintage including her wedding dress and little jacket (made by her grandmother when she was in college). I really could go on and on about how sweet and thoughtful their entire wedding was, but I think the images below tell the story so much better than I ever could…

blue-wedding-ideas vintage-wedding-ideas vintage-wedding-centerpieces pretty-wedding-ideas wedding-guestbook-ideas vintage-wedding-centerpiece-ideas red-wedding-flowers quilt-guestbook-ideas wedding-milk-glass handmade-wedding-favors bird-wedding-ideas wedding-pound-cakes vintage-wedding-ideas vintage-wedding-dress-ideas blue-wedding-dress

Julie, thank you again for sending over your gorgeous wedding for me to share with everyone today. Nothing brightens up our work day more then receiving a wedding from one our readers. We wish you two lots of love and happiness in your new life together!

Photography by Casey Hyer

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31 Responses to “Julie + Matt”

  1. Tiffany

    Julie is one of my good friends and let me tell you she is always this creative. Her wedding was a dream!

  2. amanda

    such a gorgeous wedding. i love it. vintage and stunning. i recognize the votives in the last photo from anthropologie. it all came together so very sweetly. congrats to them. hope my wedding can look half as good someday. :)

  3. Xan

    such romantic summer charm! something i loved about this wedding – the couple was sent off at the end of the night to the sound of their family & friends blowing the bird whistles. :)

  4. melanie

    oh man. those warblers are the best. where does one find those?! i had one as a kid and i a little bit want one!

    her dress is gorgeous – i love when brides say “you know what? i’m wearing what i want to wear!” because they look extra pretty defying tradition.

  5. Julie

    We bought the birds from a company called Rebecca’s Novelty Importer-which we found online. We were desperate to not have neon colored ones-but found out that is pretty much all they make here in the states. We kept seeing these lovely yellow ones online-but it turned out they only made them in the UK. If you like the kind we have-we had a bunch left over and we would be more than happy to send you some. Hope this helps!!

  6. Erin

    One of the most unique weddings I’ve ever been too. Everything had such a special touch of vintage authenticity.

  7. caroline

    These photos that Casey did turned out so lovely, but I happened to attend this wedding, and I can tell you it was even better in person. Julie and Matt really did the most amazing things. Hooray for them!

  8. Juliana

    Hello, all!
    I’m a publisher from a Brazilian bride’s and parties magazine called Festa Viva. I’m working in a article about “guestbook ideas” and a I loved what Julie and Matt had. I’m wondering if I can’t get their authorization for public this guestbook picture at Festa Viva, and I will also need this picture in high resolution, could you send me by e-mail? How can we go through of this?
    I’m also a Once Wed admires.


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