Joey + Lana II

Our inspiration was “Birds of a feather, flock together”, and we drew everything from that. Every element, from the invitations to the meals were bits and pieces of everyone invited. We all crafted together, and used things people gave us in everything we could. People went out of their way to get to Jamaica for our wedding and we wanted them to be happy and feel a part of something, ’cause this was truly was the day we morphed our lives together’.

jamaican-wedding-ideas diy-jamaican-weddings unique-jamaican-wedding-examples diy-nest-wedding-favors

The flowers we kept very minimal, because the environment was so lush. The table settings were comprised of mini birds nests with Jordan almonds in them which indicated place settings.


The centerpieces were made by a group of use who came early to set up. Each table had a larger birds nest with a wooden number in the middle. We got the idea from a wedding Once Wed posted a while back.


Thanks Lana and Joey for sharing your beautiful day with us. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Photography by Jen Curtis

Stay tuned for another incredible giveaway from Jen Curtis up next!

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3 Responses to “Joey + Lana II”

  1. roro617

    That fenced restaurant is “sips n bites” up there isn’t it???We were engaged at “The Rockhouse”!!!! I SO fought for a Jamaica wedding, I lost…

  2. Sarah

    The dress is so beautiful and she looks amazing! I would love to know where the dress is from?


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