Hyde Park Wedding

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Now here’s a ballroom wedding I LOVE! Wow. So classy; it definitely can find a home in the “traditional” category but it does so with a style that is fresh and interesting and shows their personality. And they clearly had a good time!

Some details from the photographer, Polly Alexandre: “Catie’s stunning dress is Elato by Elie Saab available from Pronovias, shoes by Louboutin, and the vintage diamond earrings were a gift from the groom. With his wife so stylishly clad, Danny was not one to be outdone in the sartorial stakes. Rumour has it Danny’s shoes were flown over especially from Italy. There’s a story behind these I think, but Danny was a little coy about revealing quite how much effort went into his footwear. Both Catie’s sisters and her dad gave heartfelt speeches. Catie’s dad was like an actor with his command of the stage and his special words. He even made me cry.”

Photography by Polly Alexandre

Bride’s dress: Elato by Elie Saab available from Pronovias; second gown by Stella McCartney

Bride’s shoes: Louboutin

Earrings: vintage

Band: The Gilev ShowBand

51 Responses to “Hyde Park Wedding”

  1. Polly Alexandre

    Thanks for featuring this wedding Emily! It was a joy to photograph and work with Catie & Danny. I wish we could do it all over again! Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments. Polly x

  2. Sarah ( A Paper Proposal )

    The bride looks so glamorous! The lace overlay on her gown is so elegant…and that photo of her standing in front of the car is absolutely stunning.

  3. Catie

    Thank you Once Wed for featuring our wedding. This day was unforgettable and something that we will cherish forever. From our band (Gilev), our flowers by (BUD flowers), and our incredible photography by Polly Alexandre…. made the absolute dream team!!! Hope you all enjoy our photos as much as we do;)!

  4. Lori

    Gorgeous! She is absolutely stunning. A classic wedding.

    But which photo shows the second Stella McCartney dress?!?

  5. mark tattersall

    Ha, found this as I recently shot a wedding at Hyde Park, although in Leeds UK. The overcast north provided quite a different feel to this wedding. I get sooo jealous of the sunny US weddings! ps That car is aaaamazing

  6. Polly Alexandre

    Lori, the Stella McCartney dress isn’t shown here but you can see it in the post on my blog. It’s the one where she is dancing on the stage at the end of the wedding. Thanks again for the lovely comments everyone x

  7. Heather Molina Bows-n-Berries

    This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen! The lovely bride’s dress, her hair, the earrings…the CAR, and yes, even the groom’s shoes (wink, wink–they HAD to be mentioned of course!). The photography is amazing and I especially adore the last photo. Their embrace is so sweet and full of love! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Katie {aisle candy}

    This couple has serious style – I am loving the groom’s grey suit and the bride’s gorgeous dress and killer green earrings! Not to mention the photography is absolutely stunning!

  9. Danielle L

    OMG I want those earrings!!! My engagement ring is an emerald and I have been looking for large green (emerald) earrings and haven’t found anything!! Where can I buy these?!

  10. Scott Jarvie

    Love the pictures… it’s unique to see more pictures of the back of the dress than the front. Seems to work specially well for this dress.

  11. Bella

    where can I find earrings like that, they are stunning and exactly what I have been looking for!

  12. joythigpen

    hey! several of you have been asking where to find earrings like that….the first place i’d look (online) is 1stdibs.com. they have all kinds of really beautiful antiques. good luck!

  13. La-La Linh

    What a beautiful wedding. She’s gorgeous and that gown is amazing! Those black/white photos are perfect and those earrings add the perfect touch.

  14. Emily

    So so so gorgeous! This is a perfect day! I love the dress. Is the bride interested in selling???

  15. claire

    WOW, Stunning dress! Dont suppose the bride might want to sell it on? Amazing pictures

  16. Chantel Smith

    what a great wedding, perfect everything,including photographer to catch the perfect moments!!! Love her hair, any ideas where to get a hair piece like the brides?

  17. linds

    i love the groom’s shoes… i wish i knew where they were from in italy. if anyone knows, please do tell!


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