Grant + Ashley V

When I was going through all of Grant and Ashley’s images from Tec last night, the one thought which kept resurfacing in my mind was how sweet their whole wedding was. As you will see below, every detail is just precious from the lovely centerpieces to the glass coke bottles. I mean how adorable is the bottom image of Grant and Ashley in front of their homemade, polaroid photo booth?

wedding-field north-carolina-weddings wedding-clotheslines farm-wedding-centerpieces wedding-polaroids ga_34 diy-wedding-photobooths

Much more coming up next…

Photography by Tec Petaja

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11 Responses to “Grant + Ashley V”

  1. Faith

    I am blown away by these images. How have I never heard of this photographer before. He is incredible!!!!

  2. andrea

    i am so in love with this wedding. the photography is just stunning. thanks so much for sharing.

  3. sarah

    I want to do a photobooth like theirs for my wedding. Does anyone know where I can buy polaroid film?

  4. FireFlyNad

    Beautiful wedding, gorgeous photography – love the vibrant colors. Sarah – you can get polaroid film from

  5. Blythe

    Question : What is the adorable little flower next to the Tulip in the blue vase?? I love it & don’t remember ever seeing it.


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