Santa Ynez Vineyard Wedding

Eileen And Tj 1

I know! Girl’s got taste. And the photography…. I want to give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor because I’m happy to say this is only part one of FOUR posts on this wedding. I’m also going to go ahead and tell you (instead of waiting till the last post to list all the credits like we normally do) because we know you’ll be asking: her dresses are (in order from left to right) Temperly, Phillip Lim, and Temperly, yes, the shoes are Louboutin, Alee & Press did the stationary, hair by Dolce Salon, makeup by Sally Wang, and that’s a king protea she’s holding for her bouquet.

Photography by Jose Villa

Flowers by Brown Paper Design

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  1. Tonia

    Oh Lord have mercy!!!! This wedding is UNREAL so far! The bride and groom are stunning, for one. But their originality and style is just rediculous! I love it when couples break the mold and do something different than everyone else, without going off the deep end and losing the romantic and meaningful feeling to their wedding. This couple has totally nailed it.

  2. maiko

    i am in awe! the dress is absolutely stunning, and jose villa just makes me swoon. by the way, is that ring from singlestone? love it!

  3. danielle

    So beautiful! This was so much fun to work together on.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the photo’s.

    You are a star.

  4. Kristi

    OMGoodness this is one of my new faves!!! Leave it up to Jose Villa to capture the most amazing pictures of this gorgeous wedding!! The King Protea bouquet is OVER THE MOON!!! Love it all ;-)))


  5. Tessa Woolf

    What dreamy images! I LOVE the bride’s three gowns—lucky lady. Can’t wait to see more photos!

  6. Eva

    Wow, I’ve never heard of a king protea before… I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the first ever bride with a bouquet like that!

  7. Mina

    WOW! This wedding is incredibly and even gave me the chills! Everything about it is beautiful, but the bride is absolutely exquisite! Her long dress is so pretty and the shoes and her hair are the perfect finishing details!

  8. jen

    oh please tell me where the earrings are from! i must have them! they are the perfect shade of green

  9. Eileen

    Joy, thank you so much for posting our wedding, I loved every second of the day and jose’s pictures are so incredible – I just wish we could do it again!!! Melissa and jen, my earrings are a great shade of green blue tourmaline that I rarely see, I was so excited to find them! The designer is Dean Harris. Michelle, my husband got my vintage ring from Neil Lane, I believe its an old mine cut.

  10. Becky

    Eileen, I would love to know where you found your Louboutins! They were perfect with your dress but I haven’t seen those in the stores or are on their website!! Thanks in advance!

  11. Nadine

    I am in LOVE with the long Temperley dress!! Where did you get it- I don’t see it on any of their web-sites. Was it custom? It is totally gorgeous, in general, and on this beautiful bride. If Eileen ever wants to post it on the oncewed used dress site, please let me know! Everything about this wedding is perfect. Kudos to the couple!

  12. Caroline

    I’d also like to know where she found the dress. It’s gorgeous and I’d love to look for a used one.

  13. Kate

    I too am obsessed with the jewelry pictured — where is the (sapphire?) ring from? Gorgeous!

  14. Eileen

    Nadine, I found my dress at the temperley store in nyc and it happened to fit perfectly. I’m not sure it’s sold anywhere else, I can’t find it anywhere online. The style is Long Natalya. Krystina at the store might be able to help, they usually make their dresses to order. Good Luck! Kate, the sapphire ring is my very favorite, it was my grandmothers given to her by my grandfather.

  15. Heidi

    Eileen- Your dress is beautiful!!! It is my dream dress. I have looked everywhere for it. Even considered trying to have it made. PLEASE contact me if you would ever want to sell it. I would even love to rent it from you…. if you were willing. Congratulations on everything. What a great wedding!

  16. Tawny

    I am completely floored by the beauty of this wedding. The pictures, place settings and plant lanterns are to die for. Let’s just say I will be referring to this wedding when I begin to plan my own!

  17. elaine

    SO beautiful! every detail is picture-perfect. I love all her dresses! this bride’s got amazing style! and what an unconventional bridal bouquet – LOVE.

  18. Jamia

    So beautiful!!! I’m getting married this October and I would love to find earrings like that. Where can I buy those?


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