Eileen and TJ’s Engagement

Eileen And Tj Engagement 1 Eileen And Tj Engagement 2

Eileen and TJ are one super cool couple. They are in truth every bit asĀ fun, laid back, kind, and in love as Jose has portrayed them here in their engagement pictures. I had the pleasure of working with them for their wedding–which you’ll get to see tomorrow!

Photography by Jose Villa

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  1. Carol H.

    AWE…I don’t normally post comments but this couple really touched my heart! How cute are they! Their engagement pics are perfectly BEAUTIFUL & CAPTIVATING in every aspect. I applaud their photographer Jose Villa for his uber artistic work. Congratulations and God’s blessings to this adorable couple. I so admire their natural style!!!!!

  2. Lorraine Daley

    I adore Jose’s work…the light is always so beautiful. and the luscious look of film is to die for. these images are pics that this couple will treasure for a lifetime.

  3. Annie

    The pictures of Eileen and TJ jumping into the water are priceless! These pictures definitely show how fun they are, and also how much the care for each other. Fantastic shoot!

  4. Sara

    any idea where she got her long white eyelet dress from? i absolutely love it and want something like that for my actual wedding!

  5. Eileen

    Jose is the best! TJ and I had so much fun doing the shoot with him, and having Joy for the wedding.. you guys are a dream team. :) Sara and Bettina, the white eyelet dress is Alice by Temperley.

  6. Lulu

    Such a wonderful look to these photos. I’m looking forward to tomorrow now!
    Could I ask where the dress in the first few pictures is from?

  7. Katie

    What a great shoot! Not at all surprising since it’s a shoot by Jose Villa.

    Also, what kind of dog is that? So cute!!

  8. Srujana

    I believe the dress in the first few pictures is Anna Sui. I remember seeing it at Anthropologie awhile ago…

  9. Eileen

    Danielle, our dog Oreo is a jack russell, but it’s hard to tell because his hair is so crazy and wavy! I don’t see hair like his with that breed very often.

  10. Christina

    Did you work with a photography named LaRie Taylor at this wedding as well? Was she assisting Jose Villa? I ask this because I met with her to hire her to shoot my own wedding, and she showed me this wedding that she helped with, but I don’t see her names anywhere in the credits!

  11. Christine

    What a perfect couple! The photography is stunning and captures them beautifully. But what I really need to know is – where are her super cute dresses from?!

  12. Jennifer Luckett

    Absolutely stunning. Every shot. Especially the one of them running up the hill. The one of TJ looking at the camera and smiling while she’s looking away is magnificent!


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