Hey guys! Today has been absolutely crazy with site admin work and
family issues, which means I haven’t had any time to pull together images from this lovely wedding sent to me by the very talented Corbin Gurkin. I promise it will
be up tomorrow and is definitely worth the wait…

p.s.- I couldn’t resist featuring this 2nd image from the wedding in this post too. How adorable is this little dog sticking his head through to take a peek or possibly munch on a little snack?


Comments (6)

tess | Reply

what an adorable picture. he/she is definitely eyeing that plate of food.

katie | Reply

i can’t wait to see more. love the simple bouquet and vases!

Sophie | Reply

Seeing this picture makes me so bummed that we can’t incorporate our own babies in our wedding, but alas the venue doesn’t allow it.

Rebecca | Reply

Ohh, love those flowers–so light! Peonies, right? And that little face–it’s too much. :)

Rebecca | Reply

P.S. Hope your day has become more peaceful!

Celine | Reply

I hope everything is ok Emily.
This wedding looks really fresh and light! I love the colours and its simplicity!

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