Cory + Chris II

We were absolutely thrilled with our poster-size invitations, and thought they really set the tone for the day. We designed them with the historic letterpress print shop in downtown Nashville, Hatch Show Print, and they were so fun and different. I made all the “paper wheel” place cards by hand, and repeated that motif throughout- the same wheels (with buttons in the center) covered the big C’s on the Carriage House doors, were on the bar menus, and in the aisle decorations, which were random arrangements of the wheels attached to and hanging by strips of tulle. Let’s just say I used a LOT of hot glue! My mom and I also made all the napkins and table toppers ourselves from fabrics we found, a mix of yellow gingham, teal floral, aqua stripe, and purple polka dots. Many people took napkins home for themselves after the wedding! The leftover strips of fabric made great bows on the favors, which were homemade chocolates from Chris’s cousin Sue Ford and her candy company, Candy for All Occasions.

diy-wedding-signs lela-rose-wedding-mansion-wedding-dress yellow-wedding-bouquet hatch-show-print-wedding-invitation hatch-print-wedding-ideas kate-murphy-photography pinwheel-escort-cards wedding-pinwheel-ideas pinwheel-wedding-ideas nashville-wedding-venues cupcake-wedding-ideas

Thank you again to Kate for sending over these gorgeous images for us to swoon over all day. And to Cory and Chris for letting us take a peek into their wedding. We wish you two many years of love and happiness!

Invitations: Hatch Show Print
Wedding Dress: Lela Rose
Hairpiece: The Honeycomb on Etsy
Shoes: Nine West
Bridesmaid Dresses: Anthropologie
Groom’s Tux: Custom made
Ribbon: M&J Trimming
Flowers: Cary Allyn and Terri Barton
Catering: Chef’s Market – amazing spread of fried green tomato salad, Jack Daniels glazed pork loin, gouda grits with scallions and bacon, roasted veggies, and homemade corn muffins and biscuits!
Cupcakes: The Cupcake Collection – by far the best cupcakes I have ever had! Try the strawberry!
Music: Rob Higgenbotham (Nashville Wedding Guitarist) and Familiar Faces
Photography: Kate Murphy

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31 Responses to “Cory + Chris II”

  1. Melissa

    I’ve been thinking about doing the fabric napkin idea too– curious to find out how she finished them? Part of me wants to just cut the edges with pinking shears, but I was also thinking about serging them or finishing them with a zig-zag stitch? I don’t really want to do 4 actual hems on 150 napkins, so I would love some input! =)

  2. Heathyr

    This wedding is soo lovely and one of my faves seen in a while featured on any blog. I feel I have been seeing too many weddings lately that are just too overdone and that you can tell the couple spent a lot of money. This couple MAY have spent money, or maybe they didn’t, but I love how it doesn’t look like they tried too hard, but yet that it was a totally unique wedding and personal to their tastes.

    The colors are so vibrant, YUMM!

  3. seesaw designs

    wow, this is incredible and one of my favorites in a long time.. love the colors, the letterpress poster invite, those paper wheel flowers. really gorgeous.

  4. Abigail

    I *heart* the fabric pennants, and so many wonderful details from this wedding! I have the same question as Melissa about the fabric napkins. I was thinking about finishing them with pinking shears as well. I’d love the input as well!

  5. Jen

    I am in love with the pinwheels! Were they handmade, or can you tell us where they came from???

  6. angela moore

    hi there, this weeding is so sweet! i would absolutely love a quick tutorial on how to make the paper wheels. i would really really love to know how, i’m trying to figure it out but i’m not getting it!

    it would make my day,



  7. angela moore

    oops, p’haps i should have read the comments above me. i found the tutorial up there. thanks!

  8. Cory

    Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments, and a big thank you to Emily for featuring our wedding! I’m happy to give details on how I did everything —

    Melissa: I started out hemming the napkins (we had about 150 too), but it just wasn’t realistic, so yes, I ended up finishing them with pinking shears! I think it works fine, but you have to make sure your fabrics will do OK (i.e. if you want to wash and reuse them, you need slightly thicker fabrics so they don’t fray, and 100% cotton is easier to cut). Hope that helps!

    Re: the pinwheels, I just kind of made up my own thing (totally different from the tutorial posted above, mine have less folds), so this is how I made them:

    Cut sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper in half, then cut each half in half. (you end up with 4 squares that are around 4.25″ x 5.5″- this will make 2 pinwheels).

    Take each square and fold back and forth on the short (4.25″) side (each fold should be approx. 1″) until you have 4 even folds and the paper ends are going the same direction on each end.

    Do two of these, then fold each one in half. Glue the middle of the fold of each of these (I used hot glue, it seemed to hold better with thicker paper) so that you have made two “fans.”

    Then, hot glue these two together- easiest to do one side, let that cool, then stretch the other side down and glue there. Also, it seemed to help to add some glue to the inside of the middle on the front and back- keeps them from wobbling…

    I hope this makes sense to everyone!!! It’s pretty easy once you get going :)

  9. éventus

    and who said that you cannot have bright blues and greens for a wedding??? simply beautiful… LOVE the details and how the couple’s initials played a role in the decor.

  10. lyndsay

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!! gorgeous, bright colours, such fun details… lovely photos… and the photo of the cupcake stand with the C… so amazing…

  11. youngmi

    i love all the colors! i generally prefer muted, softer colors myself but these photos may have just converted me to bright and bold :) and the paper rosettes are lovely. you can tell that a lot of love and care went into all the details. congrats to cory and chris!

  12. susan

    gorgeous color palette! i love it! i am totally using it for my upcoming 30th birthday since it’s so perfectly me!


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