Audrey + David

Leigh Miller was kind enough to share a few images of Audrey and David’s adorable wedding at The Darlington House in La Jolla today on Once Wed. Leigh is so incredibly talented behind the camera and always shoots the most beautiful weddings. The vibrant purple and green details really make this wedding stand out from the rest. Enjoy…


[Images c/o Leigh Miller]

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16 Responses to “Audrey + David”

  1. Taylor

    Love the green and cream Midori ribbon they use throughout the wedding – I’ve got the exact same ribbon for my wedding! It was the initial inspiration for my wedding colors. Beautiful wedding!

  2. Jennie Evans

    love love love the veil & reception bolero. audrey do tell where you got these fabulous acoutrements!

  3. Nancy

    Absolutely love the midori ribbon. Is there anyplace on line where it can be purchased?

  4. Nancy

    I love the look of your wedding. My daughter is using similar colors; deep purple, green, and ivory (cream). Thanks for the info on the ribbon. If you don’t mind answering what are the flowers that you used in the vase? Thanks again!!!

  5. Audrey

    Honestly, I’m not sure what all the flowers are. I know there are gerber daisies and spider mums. I put my trust in our wonderful florist (Patti from Adelaide’s in La Jolla) and she did a great job!

  6. Holly

    I think they got the bird cake topper from

    I’ve been doing a lot of wedding research for my own wedding and have come across them a lot but they are almost impossible to get.


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