Ashley + Todd II

I would describe the look of the event as Luxe Bohemian.  I am a renegade Southern Belle and Todd is a true California Surfer so we blended the two and had an incredible event.  We turned the estate into a whimsical wonderland with overstuffed leather couches with soft blankets to nestle into- we had chandeliers hanging from the tress catching the light of the flickering candles set up on each table. It was romantic, off beat yet scrumptiously luxurious!!

The food was inspired by my grandmother’s recipe’s.  Sidney from
Santa Barbara Catering Company actually took my grandmom’s recipe’s and
had her chef recreate them!  The guests STILL talk about the pulled
pork and fried chicken!!!  During dinner, my best friend Chris
Stephenson of Cam Road Films who is a filmmaker from Orlando, Florida
surprised us with the most incredible short documentary about my life
and brought the crowd to tears!!! Music was a huge component of
the event- we even called it a Wedding Hootenanny! We flew HeyBale and
John Pointer from Austin Texas and then had DJ David Carvalho and
Jonathan Korty of Vinyl come down from San Francisco. The dance floor
was set up in the lawn  and the backdrop was a bright moon hanging over
the Pacific!!!

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Thank you so much to the beautiful bride, Ashley, for sharing her gorgeous wedding with us today. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

I also wanted to say a big thank you the incredible, Jose Villa,
for sending over so many lovely images. His photographs consistently
blow me away and always seem to leave me wanting more, so I would
absolutely recommend checking out more of his work here or here. He is definitely one of my favorites!

Ashley’s vendor list, a flim clip from her fabulous wedding, and another lovely real wedding is coming up next…

[All images c/o Jose Villa]

16 Responses to “Ashley + Todd II”

  1. Ali

    Weddings like this make me happy. So much love and thought goes into every detail.

  2. Jillian

    This wedding wedding is so spectacular…if I had a good size backyard I’d love to recreate for a birthday celebration.

  3. Stephanie

    I can’t even pick a favortie image. EVERYTHING about this wedding is so incredible!

  4. Mollie

    I would love to know how she got the chandeliers…I have been looking forever and they are all way too expensive. I was contemplating renting but I don’t know where to look! Any info would be wonderful :)

  5. jana

    Who has toile sofa/settees at an outdoor wedding–so great :) Yes, the chandelier’s, the jar vases, the color palette, and his sneakers—all amazing and the musical line up sounds like a perfect blend for this pairing. I am now officially in awe of jose’ work as well.


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