An Elegant Farm Wedding III

I especially loved our wedding because I felt that we brought many worlds together, with a 1940’s dressed wedding party, flower girls that appeared to have stepped out of a mystical forest, a southern old church setting to include programs on fans, yet music that brought you into an entirely different place.   The culmination of these worlds felt as if  I was stepped into something out of a movie and we most definitely couldn’t have done it without all of the hard- work and  help of our loving friends and family which is what “MAKES” a wedding anyway.
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Venue: Deer Valley Farm, private residence

Photographer: Tec Petaja

Catering: Copper Kettle
Dress: Rivini
Flowers and Veil: Oh, My Deer
Wedding coordinator: Kari Kragness
Hair: Brian Hickman at Fruition Salon
Makeup: Neil Robison
Invitations: Marshall Roemen
Cupcakes: Naticakes
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bettie Paige Clothing

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43 Responses to “An Elegant Farm Wedding III”

  1. Stacy Reeves

    Is this THE Mat Kearney? As in, the one that makes amazing music???

    LOVE this wedding – so gorgeous and elegant while still being casual and relaxed.

  2. Gayle

    This wedding looks like so much fun. So many great elements, but what made me smile was the little boy in the cowboy boots, flanelette shirt with the red bow tie. Adorable!

  3. Heather

    WHY is not mentioned anywhere that this is Mat Kearney, successful singer/songwriter, with multiple songs hitting top 40 (Closer to Love, Nothing Left to Lose, Undeniable)???? It’s driving me crazy!!!!! He is so talented and his wedding totally matches the style of his beautiful voice and music! But seriously. Not mentioned anywhere. Pour quoi???? He even has a song named Annie….

    • emily

      Hey Jessica

      I’m pretty sure it is a private residence and the bride/groom our friends of the owners.



  4. leigh

    now here’s one i’d like to have attended.
    i love the reception photos.
    …and i want to see what the guy in the red hat looks like from the front. lol.

  5. lauren

    Who is the the bride’s short wedding dress by??? I’m in LOVE and must know!

  6. Kyah

    The bride’s short dress is Nicole Miller. Love the pics! Per usual, Tec captured the night perfectly!

  7. Stephanie

    I am so in love with this wedding. I LOVE black and white checkered dance floors… and I want her body.

  8. Tanialee

    I’m completely enamored with this wedding! I especially love the bride’s look. I can only hope that I look just as ravishing on my wedding day! Phenomenal job!

  9. Stephy

    That has to be Matt Kearney! It is him…right? Their wedding is beautiful and it matches his wonderful music. I’ve seem him live a couple times, great artist. BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!

  10. Ashley

    Seriously… I agree with you Stephanie. I want her body! She is stunning. Good job Mat.
    Great job guys!

  11. Little Spoon

    A very lovely wedding. As a Nashville native and huge fan of Mat Kearney, I recognized him immediately, although as people are pointing out, it looks to be his wedding. Most of the vendors listed are Nashville vendors – Copper Kettle, Tec Petaja and his wife of Oh My Deer, for example … lots of great vendors in Nashville, TN. Great job, guys!

  12. May

    Mat Kearney! I’m glad that the other commenters mentioned it too because I was pretty sure it was him.

  13. sarah

    Such a beautiful wedding! I love it! Does anyone know what style dress that is by Rivini?

  14. Alex

    Yes! Please tell us which dress it is by Rivini! I have been searching so long for “the one” and this dress is perfect for me! Please help a girl out!

  15. J

    Seriously swooning over here – I now have a girl-crush on this bride! Are you selling your gown?

  16. Sarah

    where are those flower girl dresses from!? They are perfect… i might be a bit late.. but maybe!

  17. Katie

    I have been SEARCHING for just the right jewelry and this is as close to what I’ve seen in my mind as I can find! Does anyone know where to find it or ANYTHING similar!?!?

  18. Scott

    That is “the” Mat Kearney (musician). He met his wife at an Anthropologie clothing store, probably the one in Nashville, and shortly after penned “Hey Mama” (his latest single from his upcoming album ‘Young Love.’ The wedding was held at a private residence which is owned by Michael W. Smith (musician).

  19. Agata

    amazing necklaces…. please write me where you bought them. I am dreaming about them. Maby you would like to sell them?:) If yes, I’m interested.

  20. Shelly

    Absolutely love the wedding! So beautiful. I went to college and sang worship with Mat. Congrats to both of you!

  21. Debra M

    Congratulations! This wedding was beautiful. I am a huge fan of Matt Kearney! Love, love, love his music! His wife is beautiful and they look so great together!

  22. Regina

    I love this wedding idea. It looks like my dream wedding- no pretentious, silly, over-the-top decorations or food. Just simple food, fun, friends and nature. Hope I can have one like it one day.


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