An Elegant Farm Wedding II

My dress offered the perfect basic backdrop for me to do something big with my jewelry.  My necklaces were actually of two pieces, stacked one on top of the other.   My darling husband Mat was dressed in Christian Dior, inspired by the 50’s with a big collar and tight fitting pants that were just a little on the short side, purposely of course, to reveal the red & black stripped socks.

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16 Responses to “An Elegant Farm Wedding II”

  1. christine

    beautiful! the whole thing. i’m so inspired by this blog, over here in n.ireland our wedding style is about 10years behind the rest of the world… we need more creative people!

  2. Heather

    Beautiful wedding!! So this is Mat Kearney the singer, right?? How is that not mentioned anywhere? But wow, beautiful and inspiring pics.

  3. Allison

    I love the draped lighting in the barn. Also, that necklace! I think very few people could pull that off, but she does it beautifully.

  4. rose

    i never would have thought of combining two necklaces together but they are beautiful! perfection even!

  5. melissa

    These shoes were featured on piperlime under wedding shoes for quite awhile. I kept almost buying them, but I’m getting married in a meadow and didn’t want my uber expensive shoes sinking into the dirt. :)

  6. Julie

    The guy reminded me of someone… Kept trying to find who until I read the invitation. Of course it’s Mat Kearney the singer! Great wedding, simple and all. Looks a lot like what my BF and I have in mind.

  7. Anna

    Where is this venue? I love the Willow tree. Its one of the main requirements for our wedding. Just curious as to how you went about finding this venue. Gorgeous!


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