An Eco-Friendly Garden Wedding

I don’t get the opportunity to post many Canadian weddings on Once Wed, so I was thrilled when Jess and Mark sent in their beautiful wedding for a feature on the site…

My partner (now husband) Mark and I got married this past august in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada.  I am a teacher and Mark is a musician and entrepreneur.  He runs a super cool vintage guitar shop and together we also run a record shop (all vinyl by amazing new artists).  We are a fairly non-traditional couple with firm environmental ethics, and did not want the usual cookie-cutter wedding, so from our own inspiration and reading Once Wed, we threw the perfect little Sunday afternoon garden wedding at the good earth, a cooking school/orchard/vineyard.

Certain things are extremely important to us, so we offered a completely vegetarian menu, fresh with local ingredients.  We had locally grown flowers, a vegan cake and we also had our rings and my dress made by local artisans. We didn’t have a wedding party – though we did ask our best friends to be our official witnesses. The day of we had rain, rolling thunder and then a whole lotta sun!  It was glorious…

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P.S. – How much do you love Mark’s shirt/tie? I don’t see many grooms pull off pink without it becoming too saccharine feeling, but his suit is awesome and definitely one of my recent favorites.

Photography by Fresh!Carlson

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34 Responses to “An Eco-Friendly Garden Wedding”

  1. Album Boutique Team

    I love these pictures and they both look adorable together. My favorite is the one where they’re jumping :) Too cute! And I adore the bride’s dress. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tonia

    AWESOME. Jess and Mark, you guys are so inspiring!! Thank you for sharing some of the details of how you kept your wedding eco friendly. My fiance and I are planning a Sept. wedding and trying to do many of the same things to reduce waste & impact…it’s not easy- especially when it comes to feeding 230 people! Thankfully we found a local farmer who raises free-range chickens, and he is going to provide our caterer with all the meat for the reception. Thanks for being green, and for sharing your day with us, and congratulations! :)

  3. Lori

    Beautiful and inspiring!!! We had a small eco friendly wedding with a vegetarian menu as well. As favors, we made small donations on behalf of the guests to various causes. I’m so grateful to see there are other people out there who make kindness to the earth and animals a priority. Congratulations on your marriage :0)

  4. Gina B

    I LOVE your earrings! Where are they from or what is the name/contact info of the designer? My wedding is in August and those are the first earrings I’ve seen that I love!
    Please help :)

  5. B

    Thank you so much for featuring a Canadian wedding! Although I am a long way off from marriage, it’s so cool to see a wedding close to home :)

  6. Marija

    Great wedding ideas! I love the eco-friendly vibe throughout the wedding details, especially the cake.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. emma d.

    Oh wow – chiming in on the where is it from train – the shoes! Beautiful Jess, where did you get your shoes?

  8. Diana

    I agree with Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper – so timeless! The vinyl cover is really cool.

  9. jess

    wow, what a lovely response everyone… a sincere thank you all, and especially to emily for featuring us!
    for those you were wondering about the dress, it is a pam chorley design from a little boutique called fashion crimes and my shoes are anne klein.

  10. Tovah

    Wow, you two look like you had a blast and your wedding was Gorgeous! I just love the shot of you two jumping. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Harriet Carlson (Photography)

    Great to see the photos on Once Wed! Before the wedding, we were both checking out this website a lot. I had a great time attending and shooting your wedding, Jess! Everything was truly beautiful, from the location, to the changing weather, right down to your shoes! Thanks again!

  12. jess

    yes, gina – the earrings! i actually found them at h&m… they were much bigger and too heavy, so i took them apart and rebuilt them! i bought them way back last summer, so don’t know that you’ll still find them, but if you’d like i can mail them to you to borrow?

  13. Vermont Bride

    I love the photos, it’s like a photo taken 4 decades ago. I was really impressed with the groom’s pink shirt and tie. That was really awesome, it’s a modern type of style.
    Hope they had a really good time coz they looks good together.

  14. CN

    Props for the vegan cake/veggie menu shout-out! Nothing like a cruelty-free wedding!

  15. sal

    oh my the pictures are so beautiful. They really touched me. Not too sure about the green cake though :p xo

  16. Meredith H

    Hi Jess – it’s been a hundred years! Congratulations! Nadia stumbled upon this while reading oncewed and passed it along – great photos and it sounds like a fabulous day..

    all the best

  17. Vermont Wedding Venues

    Almost all the groom’s suit are white/black but with your husband’s pink shirt that is really stunning I had an idea of having a violet suit for my hubby..Don’t know if it looks great..


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