Amber + Jeff II

I am a big fan of the internet, so it’s not surprising that I bought
tons of our wedding items online, including the dresses for the
bridesmaids and flower girls (Netbride), ties/pocketsquares for the groom and groomsmen (Aria), my earrings, wedding party gifts, etc etc. Pictured below are a few of my internet finds: Paloma’s Nest ring bowl, beaded rosary for our Filipino veil/cord ceremony, veil from Occansey Designs, and hair flower from EasterYu.


After getting ready, we met up for our first look. I was a bawling mess and this trend was to continue for the rest of the day.


We took all of our portraits before the ceremony so that we’d be able
to enjoy cocktail hour with our guests. With bridal party in tow, we
headed to our alma mater, the University of British Columbia, for


I was really happy with all of our flowers. Almost all the pieces were
primarily comprised of carnations, save for my bouquet and the groom’s
bout, which were of dahlias.


After our portraits, we headed over to our venue, the Brock House Restaurant,
for our outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. At the entrance to our
ceremony site, mounted on a meter stick, stood a sign made to look like
an old school letter board. Our all-carnation centerpieces served
double duty as aisle markers and I made our altar decor using manzanita
branches and pomanders of red cupcake liners.


Reception details coming up next…

[All photos below by the wonderful Melia Sorenson of Lucida Photography]

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  1. Vana

    I love the colors! Maybe you can do a how-to for all of your decorations? Particularly the branch-and-cupcake-pomander-balls!

  2. Natalya

    Hi there Amber! I want to do manzanita branch centerpieces and ceremony planters myself. I live in Toronto and have been looking high and low for manzanita – where did you find yours and how did you do them? If you can help a fellow Canadian bride out at all, that would be AMAZING!


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