A Vintage Nashville Wedding

It is always a treat to receive a wedding from a couple who read Once Wed while planning their wedding. This wedding in particular caught my eye not only because the bride found her vintage dress on Once Wed, but she pulled together the entire wedding on a budget of only 4k. How beautiful is the ceremony installation below they created out of simple white and cream honeycomb paper streamers?

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To see more images from their wedding and lovely reception, check out Chelsey’s blog here.

Photography by Austin Gros

Hair/Makeup Nichole Lim for Rsquared Salon

Hairpiece/Boutonnieres by Oh My Deer

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36 Responses to “A Vintage Nashville Wedding”

  1. WeddingXpert

    My goodness. You think they’re in love? I bet I’m more in love with that headband. How dreamy and divine is that? The groom is very handsome, but that bride steals the show. Gorgeous.

  2. chelsey

    lyoness: we skipped dinner, we insisted people go a few blocks to see downtown since we had a lot of travelers and instead we went and took all those photos together, then we had an open bar and a dessert bar with lots of dancing! it worked out wonderfully!

    Thanks for all the kind words!

  3. Kristi

    lights! lights! lights! I am on a 5k budget. so far I am do so well…we are having a late ceremony and serving hot chocolate and cookies for dessert (food is such a huge wedding cost); but I have been lusting and drooling over the commercial string lights used in the venue. I have had no luck finding them at a price to fit the budget. Please share your fortunate find. Did you purchase them? Rent? I’m begging. :)

  4. chelsey

    hey kristi, the lights are actually the lights for our church. Not sure where they got em! sorry lady! we also cut out dinner and had a dessert bar! it was awesome.

  5. Julia R

    Oh, I love it! Chelsey, PLEASE tell me you’ll sell me that headband? PLEASE!
    (Is the begging a bit much? Oops. =P)

  6. Stacy

    Where is you dress from? I absolutely LOVE it :) and your wedding was dreamy and beautiful!

  7. michelle

    Gorgeous all around! I just got married two weeks ago and this wedding makes me want to do it all over again!!!

  8. Parks

    The Tennessee countryside – what a beautiful place for the photo shoot. Yet another reason why I love Nashville. The bride looks great!

  9. Linda

    I MUST know where you got or how you made the groom’s boutonniere! I have been searching for something exactly like that, and can’t find anything that doesn’t have the stem going through it!

  10. Kristi

    aw shucks. lucky church…and lucky you. thanks anyway. everything was beautiful. i was feeling so limited with my budget…but honestly looking at this bundle of wonderfulness is very inspiring. :)

  11. nichole

    kristi- the lights from the church were found 5 or so years ago on a simple garden supply website. hope that helps!

  12. Teresa

    Love the wedding! I’m from Nashville, do you know what church they got married?

  13. eryn

    chelsey your wedding was so beautiful! i can’t stop looking at the pictures! that last picture especially is just wonderful. Austin did an amazing job, and well, you two are fantastic. can’t wait to see you!

    and teresa – at The Anchor Fellowship. The building is 150+ years old – absolutely beautiful and tons of character. we all kind of love it.

  14. Karen

    How lovely! Where did you find that beautiful marriage certificate? Also, a tip on the lights: I found similar ones at Target.

  15. Brandi

    Chelsey who is the designer of your dress? I am looking for something like this.

  16. C. Bee

    Such a beautiful wedding!

    Several people have asked about the marriage certificate, but I don’t think there has been a response. We’re super jealous. :-) Please let us eager brides-to-be know where we can get one!

  17. Melody

    The wedding certificate is from weddingdepot.com. I bought one just like it and it was only 10 bucks!


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