A Tale of Two Weddings II

Raj and Bridget actually had a full day of events and fun planned for their wedding guests. In the morning they married in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony followed by a lovely lunch on the farm. After a wadrobe change, Raj and Bridget were then married in a church ceremony with a stuning reception immediately following to celebrate. The second half of their day is also documented beautifully by Jen Curtis below…


Thanks Raj and Bridget for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us! Also, a big thanks to Jen Curtis for sharing these images!!

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10 Responses to “A Tale of Two Weddings II”

  1. katie

    how pretty are the bouquet shots. i hope we get to see many many more weddings from her in the future. love this site so much.

  2. Kate

    I love the little Indian influences blended with the overall rustic simplicity. Love the dress. This definitely gives me ideas for my own multicultural wedding.

  3. Future Mrs. Lenio

    can someone tell me where this took place? this is exactly what i’m looking for, or my wedding :)!!!!


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