A Sweet California Wedding

I love a couple who isn’t afraid to use a little color in their wedding, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I instantly fell head over heels for the gorgeous wedding of Katie and Preston. Leigh Miller, a wonderful California based photographer, was kind enough to share so many beautiful images with us today from their celebration…

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Stay tuned for more beautiful images and details coming up next!

Photography by Leigh Miller

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26 Responses to “A Sweet California Wedding”

  1. Will

    I love this bright blue colour theme they have going on – so summary and fun and relaxed! The socks the guys are wearing are brilliant, too!

  2. Rosemary Merhige

    yesterday’s homepage at the end showed a brunette bride with a double strand headband with a flower on the side. can you direct me to that wedding? Thank you

  3. Katie Vowels

    so fun to see our wedding on a site that i frequented almost daily when we were planning!

    @gina – my mom made the ring bearer’s outfits! she’s multi-talented so almost everything that you see that’s sewn she made: table runners, flower girls dresses, napkins, etc.

  4. J-me

    I LOVE this wedding! We are going for a relaxed summer wedding as well. I have yet to find the perfect dress…..I LOVE her dress!! It is so perfect! Any chance she is going to sell it on here? Or can help me get more information about it? Thanks! It is perfect!

  5. Lindsay

    I am in love with everything about this wedding! I might have to steal a few ideas!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. letitia

    i love the deep blues and bright pinks of this wedding, all the elements are so gorgeous and bright and happy- exactly what I want! x

  7. Nicole

    i am in love with the idea of each bridesmaid wearing a different style in the same color. and their bouquet’s are each different too! awesome!

  8. Diane St. John

    Where is this location?! I LOVE it! The pictures are fantastic! The colors are amazing! They pop!

  9. Diana

    Love the mix of the blue BMs dresses and the flowers…so fun! HOW CUTE ARE THOSE LITTLE BOYS!! OMG!! :) This makes me smile!

  10. J-me

    Seriously….can anyone help me get some info on the wedding gown? I am seriously in love with it! Thanks!

  11. Mira

    Marvelous! The brilliant primary colors are beautiful! What a perfect combination. Kate Towers—even better, I absolutely adore her creations. Lovely!

  12. J-me

    I know, thanks!…I emailed her, and even called the store she used to co-own in Portland….just wondering if anyone has another way to get in touch with her…. Really appreciate your help!

  13. J-me

    Says she is on maternity leave…. Oh well, I will just wait and see, and hope she emails me back, eventually. Really I was just wondering what the price range would be, b/c if it’s not within my budget then there is no point in being “in love” with the dress…haha Thanks for the tips, Emily, I really appreciate it!

  14. Lindsay

    Where are all the bridesmaids dresses from? Did everyone just pick their own with certain criteria? I must know! Love love love all the dresses!


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