A DIY Wedding at Home

Have you ever thought of getting married or having your reception at home? Well, have I got a treat in store for you today from One Love Photo. When Heather first sent over images from Shaylah and Jon’s darling wedding, I’m pretty sure I let out a small scream of excitement. Celebrations like this are the reason I love my job. The bride, Shaylah, was kind enough to send over some fun details behind their wedding…

We were inspired by the scene in ‘Big Fish’ where everyone ate pie and danced barefoot. So, I wanted that relaxed home party feel along with a big fun art project. So, we gathered our amazing and talented friends to take part in the festivities. We had craft parties where we made hundreds of pom poms and had great friends (who are also carpenters) make a magnificent wedding arch. I had my nana sew all of the vintage fabric pockets for the invitations, while Jon (my husband) hand typed every invitation (which was also our love story) on the typewriter he writes all of his love letters on.


Elizabeth Dye Wedding Dress


One Love Photo


Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses


Retro Wedding Ideas


One Loe Photo


Holga Wedding Photography


Pink Wedding Cardigan

Stay tuned for Part II of Shayla and Jon’s delightful celebration coming up next!

Photography by One Love Photo

24 Responses to “A DIY Wedding at Home”

  1. Mónica

    So, so relaxed and charmful. I am really delighted with this wedding. From Spain.

  2. Isabelle

    I can’t wait for the part II! I love that scene in Big Fish and I love the pictures here! The dress, the suit, the bright colors and the at home… I love it all!

  3. Bee

    this is EXACTLY the kind of wedding i’m planning this fall!

    dear bride, please, oh please, tell me where you got your ballet flats. i love them!

  4. Shaylah

    hello bee!

    the shoes are kate spade. they were one of best surprises- because they matched the gold stitching in the dress perfectly (and very comfy).

  5. Brittany

    I love it!! So sweet and whimsical and intimate… Please please tell me what type of flowers were in the bouquets? They look like peonies, but arent peonies a spring flower?? I’m planning my wedding for next August and looking for flowers like yours!!

  6. Emily

    I love the paper pom-poms! Does anyone have a good set of instructions for making those? I would love to incorporate them into our reception next summer.

  7. Shaylah

    hello brittany!

    the flowers are peonies and ranunculus. we went to whole foods and ordered in bulk and then my bridesmaids put everything together the night before. whole foods will do anything they can to get the flowers you want- even if they come from Holland!!

  8. Isabelle

    Emily, it’s super easy: layers of tissue paper that you fold into an accordion. Wrap a wire of some sort around the middle. Shape the ends of you’re accordion (leave’em square, make’em round, triangle, whatever you want). Then separate the layers and open them up so it becomes round.

  9. alexia brown

    I cannot get enough of this wedding. I love that so many people are doing pastels and neutrals and this is so bright and colorful! It’s a breath of fresh air! xo

  10. Gayle

    Too much patience for me (and besides, my backyard looks more like a mudpit that an exotic location!) but they’ve done a really fantastic job of it!


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