A DIY Malibu Ranch Celebration II

I love how Jenny and Luc had such a laid back, enjoyable approach to their wedding. Not only did they have fun planning it together, but the whole night just seems like such a wonderful time of celebration. If a carousel ride doesn’t scream “celebration!” than I don’t know what does!

Hippie Wedding Invitations Carousel Wedding Ideas


Are we going to play “Pony” by Ginuwine when all our friends get on the carousel?


Carousel Wedding Carnival Wedding Ideas



Are we going to play “Pony” twice?



Circus Wedding Feather Love Photography Weddings Carnvial California Weddings Feather Love Weddings Calamigos Ranch California Glitter Wedding Banner Martini Bar


Let’s make cocktail names for a Font Bar since we are graphic design nerds. Okay!
Good Times New Roman, Bodoni Martini, Happy Akzidenz, Futurita, Baskerville Sour, Trade Gothic


Feather Love Wedding Wedding Twinkle Lights


Do you think it’s too much to make 68 hanging candle jars for the tent and 300 candle jars for the tables?
No. Candlelight is the best way to create ambiance in the tent.


Hippie Wedding Dress


I can’t interpretive dance to “Come Sail Away” in the long gown. Should I wear a Kate Bush inspired frock for our first dance?


Feather Love Wedding Phtography
Our wedding was a massive endeavor of fun, but without the support of Luc, our families and our friends it would have been impossible. As we tend to have the uncontrollable urge to arrange fun things to do, we’ve (somewhat sarcastically) coined ourselves “The Ambassadors of Fun” and are starting a blog based on our fun recommendations (coming soon), as a division of jenny//luc. My tumblr: Gold Dust Mountain and wedding tumblr: Band of Gold. I abandoned my cat blog The Catalyst in lieu of the wedding (and work) but it’s still true: ireallylikecats


Print and Web Design: Jenny Ryf Doucedame
Wedding Day Floral/Lighting Design: Yuval Pudik and Russell Salmon
Bouquets and Boutonnieres: Susan Tom Nellis of Peony & Plum
Makeup: Sara Wilson
Ceremony Cellist: Kestrin Grubb Pantera
Bride’s Dress (Will be listed for sale on OnceWed soon)
Bride’s Shoes: Dolce Vita
Groom’s Suit: J. Crew

To see the rest of this gorgeous wedding, check out Feather love’s blog for more images and videos!


23 Responses to “A DIY Malibu Ranch Celebration II”

  1. nicole b.

    Ginuwine’s Pony (twice!) sets this wedding over the top for me. This may be my favorite bride & groom EVER. So freaking cool. And soooo-inspiring!

  2. WeddingXpert

    I can’t even explain how obsessed I am with Featherlove Photography. It truly is art. And this wedding is just amazing all on its own. The whole wedding hanging out on the merry-go-round? Things this cool just don’t happen! I’m just in lurve.

  3. Rachel

    As my one year old nephew would say, “mo pweaz.” This wedding is amazing and I am not just saying that because I too love cats.

  4. jellybellyellie1221

    OMG I am DYING over the font names for the drinks!!! Search “Font Conference” on YouTube! It’s a hilarious take on fonts :)

  5. Katie

    b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l couple, and lovely event!!!! My now husband and I took our engagement pics at a fair, and I’m reminded of how whimsical and magical a simple ferris wheel and carosel can be! amazing :-)

  6. Sara

    I am IN LOVE with the hanging candle jars! Can someone tell me how these were made or where they got them? I would really like to try to recreate them for our wedding next October.

  7. Penny

    Argh FeatherLove are amazing! What a fantastic set of pictures, and such an awesome idea to get a carousel~ I too have total wedding envy right now!!

  8. Jess

    This is the one wedding that I’ve ever seen that I feel was PERFECT. I wish I could have attended to such a momentous event were “pony” was played twice.

  9. Jenny

    Thank you for all the sweet sweet comments. It was the happiest day of my life!! (duh) Sara (or anyone else interested) .. we saved about 40-50 of the hanging jar lanterns (made by yours truly with the help of a good friend) .. I’d be happy to sell some of them, I was going to post some on Etsy .. get in touch via my website if you are interested :)

  10. eli

    Did you guys create the banner yourself or did you purchase it?


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