Don’t you love how they dressed up the white tables with gingham runners? This is such a great idea especially for couples who are working with white table clothes provided by their caterer. Gingham fabric is so cheap and its amazing what a runner of fun fabric can do for a table. Plus, how charming are the orchard boxes filled with fruit on the tables below? What a wonderful alternative to floral centerpieces…

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Photography by Claudio Raschella via Wedding Style Guide Issue 4


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Tonia | Reply

Non-floral centerpeices are awesome and usually more eco-friendly and affordable! I’m trying to come up with some good flower alternatives for the tables at our wedding in Sept. Thanks for the ideas!!

Janet | Reply

This is so sweet. I especially love the yummy chocolate cake!!

Tessa | Reply

Oh my…I am such a huge fan of gingham!!

Katie | Reply

Love the wide gingham runner fabric. Where did you find it?

leigh | Reply

the bouquets are perfect! and that almond cake is so graphic in an understated way; everything has such a nice simplicity.

Melesha | Reply

I love the orchard boxes. The chocolate cake looks gorgeous with the nut design on top.

Emily L. | Reply

That pear and pomegranate centerpiece is GORGEOUS. I need it!

Truly Smitten | Reply

everything is so well styled and GORGEOUS!

Chaucee | Reply

I am in LOVE with the dress the bride wore! What a picture perfect wedding.

Pensacola beach weddings | Reply

I like the wedding favors. It looks like little jams and jellies. Very cute.

The Wedding Contessa | Reply

Love how down to earth and inviting this wedding decor is! Your guests must have felt very comfortable. Earthy, elegant, and delightful! Love the favors and the red and white theme throughout! Also the flowers were so simply displayed but ever so beautiful!

April | Reply

The fresh strawberries look tasty and the floral centerpieces look lovely. Love the ambiance of the wedding reception,simply elegant and refreshing!Great photos too!

Curtis Wallis | Reply

Beautiful use of a theme. The jelly jars are the best!!

Susan | Reply

I’d love to know what kind of games they had. What a fun idea!

Wayne | Reply

Well it was my wedding, for what it’s worth! And it was a great day… we were definitely targetting simplicity and tried to break down some of the ‘traditional’ approaches with a more earthy touch. The base theme we had in mind was ‘agricultural fair’ and took it from there.

Hannah | Reply

What kind of flowers are in the centerpieces? They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Lori | Reply

Where is the bride’s dress from? I love it!

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