A California Sunset Wedding

I love a bride who decides to do something a little different on her wedding day, so when Erin Hearts Court send over the wedding of Donna and Josh I couldn’t wait to share more of this intimate celebration here with you on Once Wed. How could you resist a wedding wear the bride chooses to wear a yellow wedding dress?

Yellow Wedding Shoes Erin Hearts Court Yellow Wedding Groom Erin Hearts Court Wedding Photography Southern California Wedding Photography

Photography by Erin Hearts Court

19 Responses to “A California Sunset Wedding”

  1. melissa

    Does anyone know where this took place? It’s gorgeous. I love the fountains and the well!

  2. Angela

    this made my heart melt. what a darling wedding. i hope my wedding looks similar to this since my wedding will be taking place just a little up the coast from cambria. :)

  3. Lauren

    Perfect BCBG dress. I actually own it. Nice twist as a spring/summer wedding dress!

  4. Camille

    this is so beautiful! i’m in love with it all and the bride’s decision to not wear white is absolutely perfect! (if fits her quite well)

  5. Lexi

    Oh my God that dress is perfection! I am absolutely going to wear yellow now thanks to you. amazing :)

  6. robin

    is there going to be a part two with reception photos? i am so in love with this place now! i want to see more :o)

  7. Cheryl Joy

    I’ve never posted before, but I adore OnceWed weddings. They are always beautiful, with this light, ethereal quality. So lovely. :)

  8. emily f.

    Ok girls! After further investigating Erin Hearts Court blog, I figured out the venue!
    It’s was in Cambria on the cliff with the reception at Cambria Pines Lodge. That is where the garden is.


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