A Backyard Wedding

I couldn’t resist posting some images this morning from stylist, Emily Henderson’s, lovely backyard wedding. Gayle Brooker is the photographer behind the beautiful images below and I think she did a marvelous job capturing their celebration. And how amazing is Emily’s dress? She found it on ebay…

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Photography by Gayle Brooker

25 Responses to “A Backyard Wedding”

  1. Meghan

    That dress is stunning! What an incredible find. I also love the various red bridesmaids’ dresses. Such a pretty wedding!

  2. Chaucee

    I love how much color and pattern is in the bridal party! Gorgeous. And the hanging lights are a lovely touch. Certainly make for good photography!

    I think it would be lovely have a backyard wedding.

  3. Denise

    gorgeous! i love backyard weddings. wish my backyard was as beautiful as the one above!!

  4. dana

    red is such a hard color to get it right, but this bride did a wonderful job with the bmaids dresses.

  5. Kira

    I’m so excited about this post because I’m wearing the same dress at my wedding in June! I’ve altered mine a bit but it’s great to see it looking so beautiful on another bride.

  6. robin

    beautifully done! so impressisve… and this is my neighborhood too! how funny :o)

  7. Kristi

    Thank dress is amazing! What a wonderful day. There is something about backyard weddings that get me everytime!

  8. Tori (Thoughyfully Simple)

    This wedding is beaming romance and love. I love the eclectic feel– it seems almost accidentally gorgeous.

  9. Sloane Henderson

    Emily has such good visual instincts .

    I see it as casual elegance with a bit of

    fairy dust throw in !



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