Stylish White Wedding in Bali

We love it when brides share their most cherished memories with us, and this stunning bride wanted to share her vivid memories of her stylish white Indonesian wedding with you all:

“Reminiscing the most beautiful day of my life, ‘I remember the corner. The corner of your colour, the corner of your smile. The street corners turning into corners of the corridor. Into the corners of the place where we hold hands. The corners of your mouth, of your eyes. The corners of words we spoke. The corner of your name. On the corner where we exchanged our vows for life. The corner where we kissed. I remember the corner.’

It has always been personal right from the very beginning. Each and every little thing about this wedding is a reflection of us. We knew exactly what we wanted: a wedding stripped to its very core, the union of two souls and a celebration of love, no glitz and glam. Far from typical Indonesian weddings with thousands of guests and the fanfare; it was going to be an intimate affair with our closest friends and family, a personal sweet memory lasting for years to come..

The inspiration was simple: nature’s beauty meets ethereal elegance. Simplistic, subtle, yet stylish. First things first: the wedding dress. Instead of world-class designer-labels, we opted for a piece by a talented local designer, for the sake of originality. The dress holds special significance since it is one of a kind, with a hand-painted design incorporated into the gown through laser cut. No other dress in the world could be the exact same.

Venue pick comes naturally: Secluded Uluwatu area of Bali was perfect fit, and Alila Villas Uluwatu, perched at the cliff of Indian Ocean instantly stole our hearts. We didn’t even bother checking on other venues. For once, we’ve decided we were going to have our wedding at the edge of the world. We were to fly the whole pack of family and friends to paradise island for a wedding getaway. It was a remarkable journey: humbly starting with the vision and some scattered creative ideas, watching it take form and in the end, unfolding to a realization before our eyes. We couldn’t have done it without the help of a solid teamwork from the vendors. On the day of our wedding, our décor was a portrayal of subtle elegance and the pureness of white. Sunset Cabana was basking in golden sunshine, white floral arrangements and ornaments, embellishing the beauty of the wooden structure as it already was. The ceremony began just before sunset with white petals down the aisle, tingling crystals above our heads, and the perfect shade of blue as backdrop, that of the clear sky and the Indian Ocean. Nothing could be more perfect.

Next was alfresco dinner under the stars, serenaded with a selection of our favourite music. Our wedding reception was set on poolside terrace of the villa, overlooking the serene ocean. Wooden structures and withering frangipani tree blended beautifully with lushes of white floral, accented with chandeliers; creating a surreal image of our very own secret garden. The table setting was a romantic image of its own, white floral composition on Victorian vases, gold tinted crystals and glassy cutleries, soft lace table runner on rustic wooden tables, completed with lovely Tiffany chairs. Each set comes with a laser-cut box of macarons and a personalized thank you cards, showing our deepest gratitude towards the people that are dearest to our hearts. To top it all up, this splendid setting captured gorgeously by our favourite photographer!

Crazy after-party all the way through midnight make the night unforgettable. Everyone was down on their feet having a really good time. It was not only our night, but theirs too. It warmed our hearts to hear everybody’s compliments of how amazing the day has been. A few months passed, I still remember vividly stills and episodes of the wedding; it will be our cherished memory for the rest of our lives.”

Photography: Angga Permana Photo | Dress: Fifi Firianty | Shoes: Venilla Suite | Cake: Alila | Ceremony Venue: Sunset Cabana, Alila Villas Uluwatu | Reception Venue: Poolside 3-bedroom villa, Alila Villas Uluwatu | Bridesmaids’ dresses: Priska Henata Couture | Suit: Wong Hang | Décor: Rose Barrel Décor | Stationeries: Cottonville | Hampers: Silverbox

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Whimsical Outdoor Spring Wedding Ideas

Oh how we love fall! Autumn days, with their warm days and cool evenings, apple cider, and pumpkin pie, are some of our favorite, but we still find ourselves yearning for the sunny days of spring. Cherry blossoms around, magnolias in bloom, and most of all lilac! Lilac is such an enchanting flower, and inspired Amy Osaba to work with Serena Jae, Gossamer Vintage, and Ginny Branch to create this whimsical spring shoot. We love the rich colors and details this talented group of ladies put together, and it makes it not so bad to think about autumn eventually ending because spring will be just around the corner!

Photo: Serena Jae | Flowers: Amy Osaba Events | Gowns: Gossamer Vintage | Styling: Ginny Branch | Hair and Makeup: Claudia Mejerle | Paper + Calligraphy: Abany Bauer | Furniture: Blue Eyed Yonder | Food: Sun in My Belly | Desserts: Sugar and Slate| Cake: Maggie Austen Cakes

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Most Pinned Wedding Veils

Veils are a wedding tradition that dates back centuries, and though not every bride chooses to wear one, they do create a certain air of mystery around a bride. We’ve seen long veils, short veils, birdcage veils, antique veils, modern veils, and we love them all! Here we’ve rounded some of the most pinned veils from Once Wed.

1. (Pictured Below) Designed by Joy Thigpen and created by Cheryl Taylor, this simple yet dramatic veil was the perfect addition to the bride’s custom dress. See the entire feature of this elegant Barcelona wedding hereelegant-destination-wedding-bride
2. We love the weight in this stunning lace-trimmed, full-length veil, and how perfectly Ginny Au styled this beautiful model. Not all veils have to be weightless and flowing, sometimes a heavy veil creates a huge impact. See the full feature hereerich-mcvey-ginny-oceanside-wedding-ideas-full-length-lace-veil
3. Our readers love veils that simply rest over the brides face, and this lovely and light veil pairs perfectly with a full flower crown by Twiggs. Visit the entire feature entire feature to see more beauty. delicate-romantic-outdoor-wedding-ideas
4. This beautiful veil was tucked into a loose chignon, which is the perfect way to wear a veil if you’re planning on wearing it all night so it will sit perfectly once pulled back. Visit the original post to see more photos of how Joy Thigpen styled this veil. wedding-hairstyles-for-veil
5. And Rylee Hitchner’s vintage veil and wax flower crown is still one of our favorites; she looks like a bride from another century. This lace veil is timeless and falls perfectly over her face. See her entire wedding to see more shots of this antique veil. antique-vintage-handmade-lace-veil-wax-bud-scalloped-tiaraHow many of you all are planning on wearing a veil for your walk down the aisle?


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Foggy Nova Scotia Wedding

Abigail and Pete’s wedding in Nova Scotia seems like a scene out of a movie. The serene landscape, intimate ceremony, and party filled with friends and family makes us yearn to see more small weddings like this in beautiful corners of the world. Wouldn’t you love to pick up with 20 of your closest friends and family members and fly to a beautiful place you’ve never been to celebrate your love? It’s an idea we just can’t get out of our heads…

Photographer: Micheal B Photo| Designer/Creative Director/ Stylist: A Happy Smith | Florals: Chelsea Lee Venue: Shobac, designed by Brian Mackay Lyons | Cake Design: Sweet Melissa, Lunenburg, NS Canada | Wedding Dress: Dolce & Gabbana | Wedding Shoes: Dior | Grooms Suit: J. Crew | Bridesmaid Dresses: mixed

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