An Evening with Freixenet

The story doesn’t end after the ceremony, and it’s easy to forget the romance of your wedding after all of the hustling of the day. Take a few minutes after your ceremony to sneak away with your new husband and share in a few precious minutes before your reception. Together, enjoy the fleeting moments right after your vows appreciating what has just happened, and try to let the memories soak in before you’re overwhelmed by greeting, hugging, and introducing everyone at your reception. Escape with a bottle of sparkling wine and have a mini celebration as husband and wife. Freixenet, Spanish Cava, is our favorite drink to unwind with. Freixenet pairs well with so many foods that you and your husband can grab a quick snack before heading down to the reception, where inevitably, you won’t have a second to eat.

Your guests will love Freixenet as well, so share a mini bottle of the world’s favorite black bottle bubbly as a gift for each of your friends and family. Consider dressing up the already exquisite matte black and gold Freixenet mini bottles with a soft and elegant linen bag to make your guests feel really special.

To ensure you enjoy your day, Freixenet is hosting a Facebook contest where 3 winners will be selected to win up to 125 mini champagne bottles and a memory magnum. Visit Freixenet’s Facebook page for a chance to win.

Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye so remember to take a few minutes, with a bottle of the world’s favorite sparkling wine, to soak in every single second.

Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Creative Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Hair and Makeup: Amy Clarke | Flowers: Kelly Kaufman Design

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French-Inspired Outdoor Australian Wedding

We teared up when Joelene told us the story of her wedding day. She says it best.

From the bride:

Rohan proposed to me whilst we were on holiday in Bali celebrating our 10 year anniversary. It was such a magical and emotional time. We knew straight away that we wanted to get married in Northern NSW, Australia, as we spent most of our weekends as teenagers road tripping there for surf. It was also a great opportunity to get our 50 guests away for the weekend. The location we chose was a beautiful French-inspired country guesthouse called Deux Belettes. It was the perfect location for an intimate and romantic wedding. The very first thing we knew we had to do when we started planning was book Jonas Peterson as our photographer. The second thing was finding my dress. My mum, sister and I milked it and took a long weekend to Sydney, Australia. It was Jenny Packham who ultimately caught my eye and we all bawled our eyes out when I found ‘the one’.

Our wedding day, with the risk of sounding cliché, was honestly everything we had ever dreamed it would be. It was a little more wet then we had hoped for but not for a second did that dampen our day. My sister was my maid of honour and Rohan had his best friend by his side. We were all hoping that the rainy weather would pass in time for our ceremony and thankfully it did. We had someone on our side.

Sadly I lost my beautiful mum to cancer 4 months before our wedding day. This was undoubtedly the hardest and saddest time in my life, but I had Rohan, my rock, by my side every step of the way. Having our wedding to look forward to, for not just us but also my family, was what helped us all through such a tough time. It was evident that mum wasn’t missing from the day though. I had been talking to Jonas the morning of our wedding whilst getting ready and told him that it was no surprise the weather was so wet. Since mum had passed every opportunity she had to let us know she was around was through heavy rain and crazy weather. During the reception Jonas tapped Rohan and I on the shoulder and said, “there’s something I want to show you”. He led us away from all our guests into a field and said, “I think you’re right… she’s here”. As we turned back towards our guests, there was a massive rainbow sheltering the entire wedding. It was such an amazing moment, as it was evidence that she was right there with us.

Venue: Deux Belettes | Coordinator and Stylist: Frank and Joy | Hire: North Coast Party Hire | Celebrant: Michelle Shannon | Catering: Olive and Luca | Cake: Bumbles | Florist: The French Petal | Photographer: Jonas Peterson

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Natural Coastal Wedding Ideas

Last month Ginny Au joined Erich & Amy McVey in Elk, California to visit the location of Erich Mcvey’s June Workshop at Roth Family Ranch. The venue was chosen for its majestic yet humble environment; the perfect place to create a workshop inspired by the beauty of the natural world. During this two day visit, Erich & Ginny decided to pull together a simple photo shoot featuring an ivy and aster gown from The Dress Theory and a truly stunning Monvieve veil and slip from Ivory & White Boutique. Inspired by the moody light, colors and textures of Northern California’s coastline, this shoot serves as the perfect prelude to the magic and beauty to come this June.

Email Erich at to sign up for the workshop this June!

Photography: Erich McVey  | Creative Direction & Styling: Ginny Au | Hair & Makeup: Amy McVey | Florals: Twigss Floral  | Model: Meredith Adelaide | First Dress: The Dress Theory | Second Gown & Veil: Ivory & White | Film Lab: Photovision  | Ribbon: Froufrou Chic 

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Diamond Engagement Rings from Coronet and Tacori

If you’re among the many people who constantly admire jewelry and engagement rings on Pinterest, you will be ecstatic when we introduce you to two designer Jewelry brands that are sure to make your dreams come true. Coronet Diamonds and Tacori create some of the most sought-after diamond jewelry in the world. Whether you’re on a tight budget or ready to make huge impact with a designer ring, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for with Coronet or Tacori.

Dreams of finding your perfect piece of jewelry can become a reality when choosing from the very best. We can not be more thrilled to suggest some Tacori sparkle into your life. Tacori’s engagement and wedding rings are classically designed and sure to become an instant keepsake for you and your loved ones. Each Tacori ring is handcrafted to be the perfect symbol of your timeless love. We are enamored with Tacori’s stunning designs and elegant silhouettes. Tacori is highly sought after and highly regarded in the diamond industry. The exquisite attention to detail and luxury design is meant to bring harmony and symmetry comparable to eternal love and chemistry. If you’re looking for the perfect ring with a hint of European elegance, you are sure to find your dream ring from Tacori. Exclusive Tacori dealers like Barclays Jewelers, an authorized retailer, carries Tacori for their customers. Barclay’s selection of jewelry represents the very best and Tacori is among the most sought after.

If you’re searching high and low for the bold impact of a Tacori ring, but you’re on a bit of a budget, you should check out Coronet Diamonds! A huge favorite among fashion bloggers and celebrities, CoronetDiamonds are available in top retail stores nationwide. These affordable engagement rings from CoronetDiamonds have a patented design that gives you the illusion of an expensive solitaire ring at a great price.Coronet’s unique setting allows for their 14k white gold rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets to contain just as much shimmer as a traditional solitaire ring. The combination of multiple diamonds are layered together to create a brilliance that can outshine most traditional solitaire rings. Your jewelry will shine brighter, and catch the light in more ways than you can possibly imagine. You’ll finally be able to afford that stunning ring or necklace that you’ve always wanted without hesitation.  

We love everything about both of these stunning jewelry brands, and we hope, despite your budget, that you find your perfect wedding or engagement ring with Coronet Diamonds or Tacori!

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