How to Tie a Bow Tie

Being in the wedding industry, we meet a lot of brides, and just as many clueless grooms. We often see grooms wandering around looking for help with their bow ties, cuffs, and pocket squares with nervous hands twitching and moving about. For all of you grooms, or you brides looking to help out your main man, we’re here to help with a quick and easy step-by-step on how to tie a bow tie and later today, how to fold a pocket square! Keep reading for the instructions.


1. Start with the left end 1 1/2″ longer than the right end.

2. Slip the short end under the long end.

3. Pull the longer end over and under to create a knot.

4. Now form shorter end into a bow by doubling up shorter end and placing it across the collar points.

5. Hold this front loop with your thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Drop long end down over front.

6. Place forefinger pointing up, on bottom half of hanging part. Pass up behind front loop.

6. Poke resulting loop through the knot behind the front loop. Tighten until the ends are even.

Photography: Ashley Sawtelle | Styling: Ashley Sawtelle & Ali Fortunato | Boutonniere: Ali Fortunato | Hair Styling: Liz Burns of Goldie & Bob

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DIY Greenery Wedding Arch


This week, we’ve been sharing some gorgeous inspiration from the recent Ginny Au workshops (view posts here and here). We love sharing beautiful tutorials with our readers, hoping that they will inspire you to create unique pieces for your own weddings. While we will always love outdoor weddings, they’re not always practical or realistic–but that doesn’t have to stop you from creating an organic foliage arch for your indoor ceremony, like this piece created by Ginny Au and Bows & Arrows Flowers.

Materials Used: 
-Fabric backdrop
-Seasonal branches or vines (from a floral wholesaler, local greenhouse, or forage for your own!)
-Floral snips
-Straight pins

1. Prepare your base surface. First, hang your fabric backdrop. It can be hung from ceiling rafters, attached to a wall or stretched out over a c stand, depending on what your venue has available to you.
2. Create your overgrown arch. Start at the top of the space you are designing by placing a branch that has a natural curve to the stem. Secure it to your fabric backdrop with a few straight pins. Layer on the next branch, moving downwards to cover up the stem from the previous branch and secure with pins. Continue this pattern all the way down to the ground.Repeat on the other side. You can play with the shape to make it more or less symmetrical, to suit your style.
3. Finishing touches. Tuck in any small pieces to the overall design, and don’t be afraid to snip back any big branches that are obtrusive.

Design, styling: Ginny Au | Photography: Heather Hawkins | Flowers and Backdrop: Bows and Arrows

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Luxe Jewel-Toned Wedding Ideas

It’s rare to come across a person who doesn’t love a good jewel-toned palette. Deep eggplants, vibrant magentas and fuchsias, rich emerald greens…the depth and variety within a typical jewel tone color combination is just so luxurious. And for all of your brides dreaming of incorporating rich colors into your wedding but not quite sure how to do it, we are thrilled to share this gorgeous inspiration for you today.

We love how the vibrant tones of these flowers are contrasted with a delicate blue linen, a rustic terra cotta votive, and a simple wood chair. Consider how you might bring a unique element to your tablescape, utilizing those beautiful jewel colors while moving away from the standard wedding choices. For example, a blush silk ribbon on your bouquet emphasizes the depth of the flower hues, without becoming too bold of a choice.

Looking for more inspiration with a bold, jewel-toned palette? Check out this real wedding (hello, red wedding dress!) and this floral inspiration.

Workshop, Design, styling: Ginny Au | Photography: Heather Hawkins | Flowers and Backdrop: Bows and Arrows | Venue: Hickory Street Annex | Paper: Signorae Mare, Script Merchant | Hair and Makeup: Kaela Rawson | Dress: Samuelle Couture

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Luxury Weddings and Honeymoons in Los Cabos

Recently, one of our Account Executives, was invited to tour different resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico. Linda had an amazing time at each of them, and is sharing all of her first-hand experiences with you.When I was invited to visit the beautiful destination of Los Cabos, I knew I was going to be spending my week in paradise, but I had no idea about the luxurious experience I was going to get with The Westin Resort & Spa and Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort
Our first part of the trip was spent at The Westin Resort & Spa where we were greeted with a refreshing cocktail and the most welcoming staff. We were escorted to settle into our spacious hotel rooms, overlooking the crisp blue water, and decked out with full amenities. I certainly could wake up to that view every day! In the evenings, we were invited to attend mock wedding dinners, and I have to say, this is surely an outstanding destination wedding location. The menus were carefully prepared by talented chefs and the resort has several locations and decor options for a ceremony and reception to fit the style of any bride. 
Most of our days were scheduled with relaxing free time which are the best kind of schedules. One activity we booked was a boat excursion where we got out onto the water, and enjoyed the sunshine and breeze. Dolphins even came up to our boat for some treats, which was so much fun!
On the second half of our trip, we spent our time at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort. This resort had a more relaxing, family environment with individual casitas overlooking the unique architecture of the property. One of our nights centred around a bonfire with delicious hors d’oeuvres–truly relaxing! I might say my favorite part of this trip was getting to experience the full-service spa; definitely a treat and a great way to pamper yourself (especially if you’ve just planned a destination wedding in a different country!).
With breathtaking backdrops, tons of outdoor excursions and activities, full wedding planning services, top of the line service, and exquisite cuisine, what more could a bride ask for? If I could plan my wedding all over again, I would absolutely consider these resorts!

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