Graceful Southern Wedding Inspiration

Some of our favorite designs come from workshops, and we’re so thrilled to share this inspiration from the most recent Bliss & Bokeh and Ginny Au. Keep reading for more on how the team planned the design for this gorgeous shoot.

From Ginny Au:

The inspiration behind this Bliss & Bokeh came from the beautiful venue, Middleton Place. I wanted the design to feel graceful and regal complimenting the Southern environment while remaining timeless in style and poise. I was able to bring Ginny Branch to add food styling to the table scape as apart of the design, creating an artisan design that complimented the florals and environment. A table after all is to be enjoyed.

Photographer: Elisa Bricker  | Styling: Ginny Au | Food & Table Styling: Ginny Branch | Gowns: Samuelle Couture | Calligraphy & Invitation Suite: Script Merchant | Mens Suit: J Crew | Florals: Gathering Events | Table & Chairs: Snyder Events | Hair & Makeup for Elisa Model: Lora Kelley | Venue: Middleton Place | Camera Rental: Contax Rental

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Serene Oceanside Wedding Inspiration

Reminiscing seems to be a common theme when surrounded by nature; recollecting memories of sounds and sights when you first fell in love.  Sometimes it takes complete displacement from your familiar surroundings to remember. Remembering the way it felt as if the world stood still when you locked eyes with the one you love or the over whelming peace as you day dream about your future together.

There is something about the ocean that gave us a piece of serenity. Maybe it’s was the lack of noise or simply just a change of scenery, but we all felt completely at peace as we watched the waves mimic the movement of this stunning Carol Hannah gown and recognized the smell of sweet jasmine lingering in the salty air. This was our moment.

At Amy Osaba Events, we encourage our clients to eliminate as much stress as possible from their planning process so they too can have this moment of stillness as they say their “I do’s”.  It’s hard to break away from the idea of planning the “perfect wedding” and rather encompass the idea of planning the wedding that makes sense for the two of you as a couple. Deciphering what you want to feel on your wedding day is something few consider but we have found this is what leaves the most lasting impression. So take a moment and remember the sounds, the scents or even the textures of the moment you fell in love.

Hair/Makeup: Claudia Mejerle | Gown: Carol Hannah | Photography: Ryan Ray | Flowers: Amy Osaba | Creative Direction: Amy Osaba Events

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Enchanting Redwoods Floral Inspiration

If you’re ever struggling with wedding planning, we highly suggest talking with the experts. There are thousands of floral choices when you start planning your wedding, and that can be overwhelming for some brides. Keep reading for advice from the Amy Osaba Events team on how to narrow down your floral choices:

From Amy Osaba Events:

“I had been dreaming up this shoot for months, and when we started to think about floral choices, much like brides have to do before their weddings, we knew we wanted to create lush florals with a variety of textures throughout. So when we saw these amazing roses full of fluffy petals and freshly opened peonies, we knew they’d be perfect among one of our favorites, delicate jasmine vines. 

Our work at Amy Osaba Events relies greatly on the incorporation of various textures. Using this technique is what helps us achieve a natural and loose look. We love incorporating natural elements pulled from the environment we’re working with. Things like flowering branches, blackberries, and occasionally pomegranates! 

So when you are in over your head with flowers, try to narrow it down by the textures you like whether it be soft, flowy, or prickly. Hopefully that will help eliminate the overwhelming amount of flower choices and make a bouquet”


Hair/Makeup: Claudia Mejerle | Gown: Carol Hannah | Photography: Ryan Ray | Flowers: Amy Osaba | Creative Direction: Amy Osaba Events

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Register for your Bathroom with Zola

If you’re anything like us, when you begin registering for wedding gifts, your mind immediately goes to kitchen appliances and accessories. You start dreaming of Kitchenaid mixers, pots, pans, and tupperware sets that would make your mom jealous. We love that Zola is a place where you can register for all those kitchen accessories, but it’s also a registry where the sky is the limit. Recently we’ve been thinking about the small spaces in each home. For example, have you thought about revamping your bathroom?  With Zola, you can create an oasis in your very own bathroom with their turkish towels, accessories, and glassware. And if all the beautiful gifts from their store have you inspired and craving something more – say, an amazing honeymoon adventure – Zola can help you there too! Register for once-in-a-lifetime experiences with just a few clicks.

Visit Zola today to start your registry and start relaxing! And Once Wed readers get $25 toward their registry by signing up today!

Creative and Art Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Styling: Ginny Branch and Ginny Au| Food Styling: Katelyn Hardwick | Products: Zola

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