Bold Beach Wedding in Coral and Peach

Though we can’t all live by the sea, most of us feel drawn to it in one way or another. And if you are able, a wedding by the beach should be at the top of your list! Today we’re excited to share this beautiful editorial, inspired by the South Florida landscape and pulling together fresh ideas for all of our beach brides. The combination of coral and peach hues in wedding palettes isn’t new, but we love the bold way those vibrant florals are paired with the cultured wood table and chairs. Read on for more details behind these beach wedding ideas!

More from the event designer, Beauty in the Making:

“Inspired by the distinctive landscape of South Florida, we situated ourselves on the shoreline of Key Biscayne, a glorious location that quietly reveals the spirit and eighteenth century history of this area. The lighthouse is the oldest structure in Dade County & tells old tales of marauding pirates that passed through these islands.  I was influenced by the azure blue of the sea, golden rays of sunshine and lush greenery that characterizes this unique area.  Magenta and deep coral tulips, ranunculus and ivy vines highlighted the surroundings as the sun set, inviting the night fall.  Feather and Stone captured it all so amazingly, not only this stunning couple but all the finer details of the settings and scenery.

The magnificent Marchesa gown contrasted our backdrop with a gentle under layer of gold lace covered in decadent pearls and crystals. I felt it made for an elegant distinction from the simple beauty of the blues skies and sea. The cultured table made by Wood that Works paired with gold accented plates, glasses and cutlery, vegetation and pop of color from the blooms that seemed to be growing out of the center of it all.  An island affair that would excite any bride, highlighting the exquisiteness of this paradise.”

Photographer: Feather and Stone Photography | Coordination, Design and Paper Goods: Beauty in the Making | Flowers: Divine Design Flowers by Eileen Morales | Hair & Makeup:  Jet Alexandra Hair & Makeup | Bridal Dress and Jewelry:  Chic Parisien (Marchesa Gown) | Beaded Body Suit and Sheer Skirt: One Day Bridal | Tuxedos:  Men’s Warehouse Coral Gables | Table Rental: Wood That Works | Chairs:  Hitched Event Rentals |Models:  Next Models Miami (Roselyn & Dwayne)

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Dreamy Mountainside Wedding Inspiration

We love to receive weddings in which the bride or groom is also a wedding professional. Having seen and been a part of so many weddings as a photographer, today’s bride had a very keen idea of what she wanted her wedding to look and feel like. The planning started with the perfect location: in their stunning home country of Montenegro. With stunning views of the bay and the mountains, this idyllic setting became the backdrop for their romantic celebration.

More from the bride:
We met each other when studied in the same university. It was so long ago that it seems that we were together all our life! Last August, when we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Paris, Nikita proposed to me at Etretat. It was absolutely unexpected and unforgettable – that amazing place, sunset and just us!

We have felt ourselves as a family for a long time already, so our wedding was just a beautiful celebration of our love, an opportunity to gather our closest people together.
As I’m a wedding photographer, I knew all about wedding planning and decoration and we decided to make as much as we could by ourselves. We live in Montenegro, so there wasn’t a question where to celebrate. We are very happy to live in such a beautiful place, able to enjoy fantastic views of the bay and mountains every day. I couldn’t resist to use it as an illustration for our invitations. We found a cozy little villa on the seaside with the same beautiful view to host our reception.
All our guests helped us to make that day wonderful! On the night before our wedding, girls were helping with flowers, boys with lights! It added an especially warm mood to our celebration and we are so grateful for all their help and support! I can’t imagine what we would do without a huge floral help from our friend, Karina!
To be honest, I was a little bit of a crazy bride. I wanted to control everything! We were so nervous about the weather forecast. Only on the wedding morning was I able to relax. I started that day with making my bouquet. It was raining, but I didn’t care. And after a couple of hours, it gave way to sunshine! The weather stayed lovely the rest of the day.
It was very interesting to be on the other side of the camera, and I really liked it! Thank you so much to our dream team – Jose, Mar and Max – for helping us to relax and feel ourselves so comfortable! And for saving these important moments in such beautiful way! 

Photography: Romance Weddings  | Event Design, Stationary, Bridal Bouquet: bride Sonya Khegay |  Flowers – the bride & Karina | Wedding Dress – Rhea Costa | Wedding Shoes – Aerin | Rings – Tiffany | Earrings – Rl Jewel | Bridal Robe – custom made, designed be the bride | Groom’s Attire & Shoes- Hugo Boss | Hair & Makeup – Olga Pichugina | Cinematography – Maxim Molchanov

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Your Dream Honeymoon Awaits at Sandals

One of our awesome Account Executives, Stephanie Godfrey was recently invited to go down and hang out at Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa in Jamaica, and she’s excited to share her experience with you today! Keep reading to find out more about Sandals Whitehouse.

My husband and I had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful country of Jamaica and stay at the all inclusive Sandals Whitehouse. Let me tell you, this is what luxury feels like. We had the best time. The pristine beaches, friendly staff and wonderful food and cocktails… It was bliss! After 6 years of marriage and 1 toddler, we felt like we were on our honeymoon all over again.

Every room at the resort has an ocean view which is such a treat. Our room was sprinkled with rose petals, a bottle of champagne chilling, some Red Stripes in the fridge and a plate of appetizers. After a much needed nap, we indulged in the treats and later met with our group at one of the great restaurants in the resort.

Everything thru the entire trip was effortless and so relaxing.

While there, I got to tour the resort and all of the endless possible locations to get married. There was one spot where these two trees created an organic arch on the beach and it was hands down my favorite.

I can see why Sandals and Sandals Whitehouse is such a popular place to plan your destination wedding, renew your vows, elope with just the two of you or plan a stress free honeymoon. The staff and the planners make it so easy. Every detail can be tailored to the couples needs and preferences. Perfect for a destination wedding when planning from afar.

There is no pressure to do anything. You could have your butler reserve you a lounge chair and umbrella on your favorite spot on the beach and stay there for your entire trip if you wanted to. The Red Lane Spa is there to pamper you with a relaxing hot stone massage or you and your guests can take advantage of the fun activities included at the resort- stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling. One night we took an Island Routes catamaran cruise during sunset and it was so beautiful to explore the island a little bit more. We jumped into the water as the sun set on the horizon and it was one of my favorite memories.

Photography: Stephanie Godfrey

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Vintage and Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings from Trumpet & Horn

“Something old, something new”—you’ve heard it before, but what does that actually mean? For us at Trumpet & Horn, we live for the “something old”… particularly the very old, sometimes the over 150 years old! Vintage rings are our passion, and scouring the world for rare jewelry from decades past is our obsession. But we also have a soft spot for the “something new” out there, which we express through our ever-growing vintage-inspired collection.

So, what’s the difference between vintage & vintage-inspired, you may be wondering? Vintage and antique jewelry is authentically one-of-a-kind and was created decades (sometimes even a century!) ago. For a ring to be truly considered “vintage,” it has to have been made over 20 years ago from the present date (so before 1995) AND previously owned. Anything older than 100 years from today (those rings that were made before 1915) and previously owned is considered “antique.”

Each vintage or antique piece exhibits natural wear and characteristics of the time period it was created in. Most vintage jewelry created before the 1940s was made all by hand, from the carving of the stones to the welding and decoration of the setting. Vintage-inspired jewelry draws upon the styles and tradition of vintage jewelry, but is newly manufactured. This means that the piece has never been owned before, and can be reproduced time & time again.

If you love vintage styles, but are not sure if you want an authentically vintage ring or a vintage-inspired ring, consider these tidbits!

  • Vintage jewelry tends to be more affordable than newly-made or brand name jewelry because there are no labor costs associated with the pieces, which makes the retail markup significantly less. Also, vintage diamonds and stones are considered “imperfect” by modern standards because they were cut by hand rather than by computerized lasers, which can help to reduce the price tag.
  • Vintage engagement rings are truly unique & one-of-a-kind. There is only one piece out there that exhibits the distinct design and carries the same mysterious and romantic history for you to pass along to your family.
  • Vintage-inspired jewelry takes influence from a distinct vintage time period, but doesn’t necessarily have any other connection with it. At Trumpet & Horn, we use recycled vintage metals & vintage stones in our vintage-inspired pieces to make them more authentic to the era, but that is not the case with all of the vintage-inspired options out there. If using recycled and conflict-free materials is important to you, this is something to consider!
  • Vintage-inspired jewelry lends for more customization options than vintage jewelry. We prefer to maintain the integrity of our vintage pieces and would never tamper with a ring to replace a stone with a more modern one, but this would be an option in a vintage-inspired piece. For example, if you love the Art Deco style, but would prefer a modern, laser-cut diamond as the center stone, vintage-inspired might be the right choice for you!

Whether you’re thinking of incorporating a vintage or a vintage-inspired engagement ring into your family’s history, you’re sure to have a gorgeous and timeless piece to pass on and love for generations.

Photography: Elizabeth Fogarty  | Sawyer Baird | Mariel Hannah | Jose Villa

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